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The original of the very exquisite "Res angusta domi," the beautiful drawing of the nurse by the child's bed in the children's hospital, which appeared in Punch, vol. cviii. p. 102 , is only priced at "Ten guineas." Turning over the Museum drawings one often sees the liberties with the penknife by which the artist would secure difficult effects of snow, or of light on foliage.

Has he all that the world loves and admires and covets? he must cast behind him their admiration, and afflict them by faithfulness to his truth, and become a byword and a hissing. This law writes the laws of cities and nations. It is in vain to build or plot or combine against it. Things refuse to be mismanaged long. Res nolunt diu male administrari.

"Think what you do, my masters," said the Prior, "ere you put your hand on the Church's patrimony These things are 'inter res sacras', and I wot not what judgment might ensue were they to be handled by laical hands." "I will take care of that, reverend Prior," said the Hermit of Copmanhurst; "for I will wear them myself."

But this shall be the Subject of another Paper. No. 171. Saturday, Sept. 15, 1711. Addison. 'Credula res amor est ... Ovid. Met.

After I had joined in this grave merriment for a second or two I hemmed thrice, and with a countenance suited to the subject and the hosts, plunged at once in medias res. "Mr. St. Quintin," said I, "you are already aware, I think, of my intention of offering myself as a candidate for the borough of Buyemall.

Johnson, who reminds us also of a saying of Aristotle himself, that as students we ought first to examine and understand what has been written by the ancients, and then cast our eyes round upon the world. And Johnson prefaces both quotations by another: Tibi res antiquae laudis et artis ingredior, sanctos ausus recludere fontes.

They are her dutiful subjects like all the inhabitants of the Netherlands." "It is quite true," said Burghley, after having made some critical remarks upon the military system of the Provinces, "and a very common adage, 'quod tunc tua res agitur, paries cum proximus ardet, but, nevertheless, this war principally concerns you.

He was a little flushed, not knowing exactly how to begin what he had to say; and, being sober, he was terribly afraid of appearing, like an idiot. "This is what is the matter," he said, plunging at once in medias res. "Doctor Fargeas, who sent me, might have come himself; but he thought that I, being her uncle, should "

Thus the original draft had provided that Amalia should actually be sent to a convent, and that the furious Karl should appear with his robbers and threaten to convert the nunnery into a brothel unless his sweetheart should be delivered to him. This scene was condemned and the exploit given a more appropriate place among the res gestae of Spiegelberg.

An' if they find too much lan' after they get there, they'll spen' the res' of eternity prayin' for a deluge. "Bes' ole relig'un in the worl', tho, good fighters, too, in the Lord's cause.

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