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See his 'Narrative, vol. i. c. xi. A sacred island, in the 'sea of water-lilies. The establishment of the principle of direct communication with the Imperial Government at the capital had always been regarded as one of the most important objects of Lord Elgin's mission.

As soon as it was presented to the lords, that house desired a conference with the commons, whom they informed of this unexpected protestation. The opportunity was seized with joy and triumph. No man in either house ventured to speak a word in their vindication; so much displeased was every one at the egregious imprudence of which they had been guilty. * Clarendon, vol. ii. p. 339.

Victor ran to fetch a bill-hook, climbed up the tree and cut the halter. But the old man was already cold and his tongue protruded horribly with a frightful grimace. ORIGINAL SHORT STORIES, Vol. 10. GUY DE MAUPASSANT ORIGINAL SHORT STORIES Translated by ALBERT M. C. McMASTER, B.A. A. E. HENDERSON, B.A. MME. QUESADA and Others "Well doctor, a little brandy?" "With pleasure."

But the practical character of the Chinese and Japanese has led them to attach more importance to the moral and intellectual side of this doctrine than to the metaphysical and pantheistic side. Sut. Both forms are used, e.g. Nik. Shadworth Hodgson in his Philosophy of Reflection, vol. See S.B.E. vol.

The Earls of Salisbury, Arundel, and Warrenne, together with William Mareschal, eldest son of the protector, had embraced Henry's party, and every English nobleman was plainly watching for an opportunity of returning to his allegiance. Dunst. vol. i. p. 79.

Shakers: Compendium of the Origin, History, Principles, Rules and Regulations, Government and Doctrines of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, with Biographies of Ann Lee, William Lee, Jas. Whittaker, J. Hocknett, J. Mescham, and Lucy Wright. By F.W. Evans. 1 vol. 12mo. 75 cents.

Bartsch, vol. i. p. 271; "Early Trav.," p. 138. In this last case it is a man who is to be saved by a kiss from a woman while he is in serpent form. Niederhöffer, vol. i. pp. 58, 168, vol. ii. p. 235; Meier, pp. 6, 31, 321; Kuhn und Schwartz, pp. 9, 201; Baring-Gould, p. 223, citing Kornemann, "Mons Veneris," and Prætorius, "Weltbeschreibung"; Jahn, p. 220; Rappold, p. 135.

Only, as democrats, we can say with confidence that if the true spirit of the German people is to be liberated from its long imprisonment, its freedom must be won, not from without, but from within. Not Europe but only the Germans can make Germany herself again. BRYCE. Holy Roman Empire. CARLYLE. Frederick the Great, vol. i. H.A.L. FISHER. Napoleonic Statesmanship: Germany. 1903.

Their facile yielding to the argument that this great arsenal was principally of peace significance, owing to the fertilisers which it would eventually make, and the feeble backing provided for inspecting missions, were reflected in the semi-resistant attitude of the I.G. personnel. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol. XI., 1919, page 837. The Rhine and Chaulny Contrast.

Coleridge can have no reason for composing his Literary Biography. Yet in singular contradiction to himself "If," says he, at p. 217, vol. i, "the compositions which I have made public, and that too in a form the most certain of an extensive circulation, though the least flattering to an author's self-love, had been published in books, they would have filled a respectable number of volumes."