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Later on, too, he writes that "a young nobleman is now inaugurating a jaunt with me for six weeks, about Christmas, to the Faubourg St. Fitzgerald's very indulgent estimate of his disposition. But this is only one of many instances in which the charity of the biographer appears to me to be, if the expression may be permitted, unconscionable. The necessity for this flight, however, did not arise.

Panine, then, approaching her, insinuating and supple, like the serpent with the first woman, murmured in her ear, as if afraid lest his words, in being spoken aloud, would lose their subtle venom: "No, you are not lost. On the contrary, you are saved, if you will only listen to and understand me. What are we, you and I? You, a child adopted by a generous woman; I, a ruined nobleman.

Many painful doubts had often suggested themselves to the mind of Wilton Brown in regard to that very subject; and those doubts themselves had prevented him from pressing on the Earl questions which might have brought forth the facts, but which, at the same time, he thought, might pain that nobleman most bitterly, if his suspicions should prove accurate.

This nobleman began the exercise of his temporary functions by an irruption into France, at the head of a small army; war having been declared against Spain by Henry IV., who, on his side, had despatched the Admiral de Villars to attack Philip's possessions in Hainault and Artois.

"But my lordship pleases otherwise. Give him pen and ink, and set him near the table." This was done; and Sir Francis regarded the paper with swimming eyes. "Now, your name, written near the bottom of the sheet," Lord Roos cried. "'Tis done under com compulsion; and I pro protest against it." "Sign, I say," the young nobleman exclaimed, rapping the table peremptorily.

At the same time he was, I believe, secretly not unwilling to have attention paid him by so great a Chieftain, and so exalted a nobleman. He insisted that I should not go to the castle this day before dinner, as it would look like seeking an invitation. He treated this objection with a manly disdain: 'That, Sir, he must settle with his wife. We dined well.

It gives you an enormous claim upon the Duke, too; and I have one or two little holds upon that nobleman which he knows not of by which, indeed, he might be not a little injured, if I were a revengeful man, but which I shall only use for your best interests." "But, my lord," replied Wilton, "you seem totally to forget my humble birth and station.

This journal took its position at once as the most respectable and brilliant in the country. He also founded the Society for the Manumission of Slaves, securing as honorary member the name of Lafayette now a nobleman at large once more. But all these duties weighed lightly.

Good, honest, simple, lord-loving children of Snobland. Finally, there was the case of 'the Right Honourable Mr. Vernon, at York. The Right Honourable was the son of a nobleman, and practised on an old lady. He procured from her dinners, money, wearing-apparel, spoons, implicit credence, and an entire refit of linen.

By Northumberland's sickness, the command of the army had devolved on Strafford. This nobleman possessed more vigor of mind than the king or any of the council. He advised Charles rather to put all to hazard, than submit to unworthy terms as were likely to be imposed upon him.