Well, I wondered then if Sabine had passed hers, but I was afraid of hurting you, so I would not say that I rather thought she had not." "Oh, I wish you had!" Henry spoke at last. "And yet, no the whole thing has been inevitable from the first, I see it plainly. The only thing is, if I had found it out sooner it might have saved Sabine pain.

Hrolfur's son and one other on board had been drowned, though the rest were saved. After the disaster Hrolfur ignored everybody for a long time. It wasn't that he wept or lost heart. Perhaps he had done so for the first few days, but not afterwards. He just kept to himself. He took not the slightest notice of his wife and his other children, just as if they were no longer his concern.

Many a mother has lost her opportunity to speak to her boy, and she has lost it because she has not lived as a mother should who would help her boy. So shall her judgment be. These opportunities come to the unsaved. The Bible is full of men who have had an opportunity to be saved but are lost. First: There is Herod.

By what then are we to be saved? Answer: by the gospel, which is God's love manifested to his creatures. The conclusion then is that we are not to be saved by our love to God, but by God's love to us. This, I presume, no one will dispute. Here then we discern the difference between the law and the gospel. God's love is the cause of salvation human love is the effect.

By these two strokes and by fortifying the portage between the Kennebec and the Chaudière, he thought that the northern colonies would be saved from invasion, and placed in a position to become themselves invaders.

'You! he said, 'you! John put out his hands. Oh, sire, Madame is in the right. I am a wicked man. I must make my brother amends. He must be saved. King Philip scratched his head. 'Who is in the dark if not I? I will deal with you presently, Mortain. But you, Madame, he turned hotly on the lady, 'you must be plainer. What is your zeal for the King of England?

"The plan was a good one; it's saved lots of steps," put in Celestina. "It had to be done, Tiny," Willie answered simply. "That's all there was to it. Good or bad, I had to carry it to a finish if I didn't sleep another wink that night." The assertion was true; Celestina could vouch for that.

Then the Parrot came, saying: "Father, silver and gold have I none, but if you ever want choice rice, come to where I live and call, 'Parrot! and I will call all my family and friends together, and we will gather the choicest rice in the fields for you." Last came the prince. In his heart he hated the poor man who had saved his life.

"I have no great fortune, but I have saved a little; and when I am gone, it will be yours and Lucy's I'll hear no objections to that for can't you see, all that I can possibly do for you will only in part pay for the wrong I have done. You say you have no definite plans for the future.

The following are a few of the cases of those who have gained temporally, as well as spiritually, through our work: Mrs. W. Of Haggerston Slum. Heavy drinker, wrecked home, husband a drunkard, place dirty and filthy, terribly poor. Saved now over two years, home A1., plenty of employment at cane-chair bottoming; husband now saved also. Mrs. R. Drury Lane Slum.