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Yollop was thinking, so Cassius, after waiting a moment, scratched his head and ventured: "That guy's beginnin' to fidget, Bill. I guess your time's about up. What are you thinkin' about?" "I was thinking about your other wives. How many did you say you have?" "Three, all told. The other two don't bother me much." "Haven't you ever been divorced from any of them?" "Not especially. Why?"

Several other houses, well built and with good mud chimneys, were empty, but, Carriere said, only during the summer. A tattered birch-bark wigwam near the landing was inhabited by a squaw and half a dozen children. A papoose, laced in his birch-bark cradle, his face covered with blood, was roaring lustily. The squaw said his face was sore, and he had scratched it.

The burly captain frowned and scratched his head, as though deliberating how to do a thing so foreign to his genius as the telling of a narrative. "On a certain day you left us," he began. "Well told indeed," cried Helgi, laughing, "an excellent beginning no skald could do it better." "Nay," replied Ketill, frowning angrily, "if you want matter for a jest, tell a tale yourself.

Spoilt his life for 'im, it did." He scratched the cat's other ear. "I only left it a moment, while I went round to the Bull's Head," he said, slowly filling his pipe, "and I thought I'd put it out o' reach. Some men " His fingers twined round the animal's neck; then, with a sigh, he rose and took a turn or two on the jetty.

The moralizing of Doctor Rosy, and the dispute between the justice's wife and her daughter, as to the respective merits of militia-men and regulars, are highly comic: "Psha, you know, Mamma, I hate militia officers; a set of dunghill cocks with spurs on heroes scratched off a church door. No, give me the bold upright youth, who makes love to-day, and has his head shot off to- morrow.

And Schurka growled, and was of opinion that he would like to tear everyone in pieces; but Waska purred meditatively, and scratched the back of her ear with a velvet paw, and remained lost in thought.

"Only scratched a mite," commented the farmer, pocketing the bill Father Blossom gave him to pay for his time and trouble. "Lucky not to have to have the whole thing scraped and re-varnished." The Blossoms were home in time for supper, and of course Norah had to hear about the drive.

On which, before any one else could answer, the parrot, in a low and sententious tone, observed, "Excellent." "There, you have the consent of your first acquaintance," said Carey, while the bird, excited by one of those mysterious likings that her kind are apt to take, held her grey head to Mr. Ogilvie to be scratched, chuckling out, "All Mother Carey's chickens," and Janet exclaimed

"Of course. They'll hunt for you here." Allister paused, then went on. "And when you get away what'll you do? Go straight?" "God willing," said Andrew fervently. "It it was only luck, bad luck, that put me where I am." The outlaw scratched a match and lighted a candle; then he dropped a little of the melted tallow on a box, and by that light he peered earnestly into Andrew's face.

His coat was about his neck, he had no hat, his shoes were badly scraped and his trousers had many holes in them but he was alive and evidently not seriously bruised or scratched by his rapid slide over the rough ground and coarse grass. But for his having been stopped by the stump he would have gone into the water which at this point was right up to the bank.