Even if our dear Amelia does stand to one side, and nobody notices her, what real matter is it?" Grandmother Wheeler was inwardly chuckling as she spoke. Grandmother Stark was at once alert. "Do you mean to say that Amelia is really not taken so much notice of because she dresses plainly?" said she. "You don't mean that you don't know it, as observant as you are?" replied Grandmother Wheeler.

He has stolen as much to give as to keep, to maintain his role as much as to benefit by it, squaring accounts by spending the money of the Court against the Court, probably inwardly chuckling, the same as the peasant in a blouse on getting ahead of his well-duped landlord, or as the Frank, whom the ancient historian describes as leering on pocketing Roman gold the better to make war against Rome.

And a pretty little thing named Sun Cloud sent as many kisses as there are leaves on the trees " He paused, chuckling, and did not look up to see the wide, glorious eyes of the girl upon him. "But the funniest thing of all is the baby," he went on, preparing to slice bacon. "They're going to have one pretty soon Cassidy's wife, I mean. They've given it a name already.

Tax! tax! tax! is the cry from the rear! Blood! blood! blood! is the cry from the front! Gold! gold! gold! is the chuckling undertone which comes up from the mushroom millionaires, well named a shoddy aristocracy. Nor do I think the army interest, the contracting interest, and the tax-gathering interest, the worst results that have grown out of this war.

"How did you know that I was a young chap?" inquired the abortion turning round. "Guessed it," replied Jorrocks, chuckling at his own wit. "Then guess whose it is."

Then he saved a nice fat trout and waited. By and by along came Little Joe Otter, chuckling to think how he had spoiled Buster Bear's fishing. He was so intent on looking behind him to see if Buster was coming that he didn't see Buster waiting there until he spoke. "I'm much obliged for the fine breakfast you have given me," said Buster in his deepest, most grumbly-rumbly voice.

When the chuckling Tim told his sister the secret as he paused to kiss her good-night at the head of the stairs, he did not dream that she would reveal it to their father; but, before he could exact a promise, she emitted the truth, despite his attempts to place his hand over her mouth. Then she darted off, and, humiliated and chagrined, he went to his own room.

We had sold sixty thousand barrels, and we had ninety thousand to take on our contract, on each one of which we were due to lose six dollars. And the other fellows were sitting back chuckling and waiting for us to unload cheap flour." "What was there to do?" Talbot laughed. "I told our crowd that I had always been taught that when a thing was hot, to drop it before I got burned.

The buoyancy of his gait, the elasticity of his step, and the hilarity of his countenance, showed that he anticipated, with chuckling satisfaction, the surprise he was about to give those who had ejected him from their society in rags. But what a change was there in his whole appearance when he rejoined the party in the evening!

Nothing like a campfire came to view. "They are foxy and have put it in a hollow," said the old miner. "Wall, we've done the same thing," he added, chuckling. "Oh, if only we could locate that lost mine and put up our stakes!" sighed Roger. "But it looks like next to a hopeless task, doesn't it, Dave."