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"Oh, I grant you his generosity in MONEY affairs " "He has continued that generosity in the terms of his will, and those terms I am here to communicate to you." "Uncle Hillary is dead!" cried Tim. "He passed away the sixteenth of last June." A slight pause ensued. "I am ready to hear you," said Tim soberly, at last. The barrister stooped and began to fumble with his bag.

"Anyhow, I'd rather look than find," cried Tim, turning a somersault over a sandy rabbit-mound. The swallows flashed towards Judy, a twittering song sprinkling itself like liquid silver behind them as they swooped away again. "I expect," the girl confessed breathlessly, "that when we do find him we shall just die !"

Jowler wasn't killed faithful Jowler, he trotted home to Uncle Tim, who sat singing at his work, and leaped upon him, and whined, and tugged at his coat, till Uncle Tim threw down the blacksmith's boots and followed him, for he knew something must be the matter. Perhaps Kitty had fallen over a stone wall, and lamed her foot who knew?

Can I endure to see the Traytor there, who must to morrow rob me of my Heaven? I'll own my Flame and boldly tell this Fop, she must be mine Friend. I assure you, Sir Timothy, I am sorry, and will chastise her. Sir Tim. Ay, Sir, I that am a Knight a Man of Parts and Wit, and one that is to be your Brother, and design'd to be the Glory of marrying Celinda. Bel.

Then Tim threw his arm around the neck of Maggie and in a flash drew her forward so that she lay flat on her face and he alongside of her; but the twinkling of an eye before that he had seized the block of wood, rejected some time before as a chair, and stood it on end beside his shoulder, keeping his right arm curved round it so as to hold it upright in position, while the other arm prevented Maggie from rising.

Effie heard her, and remembering Tiny Tim, ran down and put her arms about the pale child, kissing the wistful face, as she said sweetly, "You may; but mamma deserves the thanks. She did it all; I only dreamed about it."

We were going on in that way which one hardly knows how to express; as when two people mean the same thing in a nice case, but come at it by talking as distantly from it as they can; when very opportunely came in upon us an honest, inconsiderable fellow, Tim Dapper, a gentleman well known to us both. Tim is one of those who are very necessary, by being very inconsiderable.

No one moved. We sat there, all five of us, eyes wide open in surprise, trying to guess, who this could be playing tunes on the door, and never seeking to solve the simple problem by turning the knob. It was Tim. There was a sudden oppressive silence. Then he entered, gravely bowing. "Good evening, Mr. Warden," he said mockingly.

To see him "distinkly is an awful job," according to Uncle Felix; or as Come-Back Stumper realised in the middle of another clump of bramble bushes, "Perspective is necessary to proper vision." "He" lay too close before their eyes to be discovered fully. Tim had long ago described it instinctively as "an enormous hide," but it was more than that; it was a universal hide.

I'm wishin' you all the joy in the world." Her eyes flashed softly. "Don't I know I've got a good man, and I'm going to be happier than I deserve." Tim Muldoon, in his shirt-sleeves, was busy over a late breakfast when his mother opened the door of the flat to let in Clay Lindsay.

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