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Frieda rolled under the fence and stepped boldly in. Polly, gasping with laughter, started to climb over. "You might as well roll," advised Frieda. "You can't wetten yourself more than you are already, and it is pleasant to roll." "That's a matter of taste!" panted Polly, balancing herself on the top of the fence. Suddenly Frieda gave a little shriek.

"Do what?" he demanded boldly. "Put those rolls and the apple in your pocket. You wouldn't do that at home." "Well, we're not at home, are we?" he said. "You just keep still, Rose Bunker." Russ ran away directly after he had been excused from the table and they did not find him again for quite a while.

"He awaited death with a resignation which is inconceivable," says the author of his Memoires; "never did man speak more boldly than he about it; it seemed as if he were recounting another's perils when he described his own to his servants and his guards, who were the only witnesses of such lofty manliness."

Such parodies as this in the Song of Prussia we could understand very well: "I am a Prussian, my colours you know, From darkness to light they boldly go; But that for Freedom my fathers died, Is a fact which I have not yet descried." Nor did more delicate allusions escape us; for who had not heard, for instance, of the Friends of Light, who played a part among the Berlin liberals?

He learned that the Genoese had nine ships with him, and as he had himself this number ready for sea, he sailed at once. "The weather was stormy, and the sea very high, when he appeared within sight of Antium. Fieschi sailed boldly out to meet him. The battle lasted all day, for it was next to impossible to board; but in the end, as I say, four Genoese galleys surrendered and the rest fled.

To which Sylla replied in a scoffing way, that it was surprising to him that Caphis did not know that music was a sign of joy, not anger; he should, therefore, go on boldly, and accept what a gracious and bountiful god offered.

They had not put on their shoes again, so with noiseless steps they crossed the street and turned up the one that had been indicated by Sir Robert. After going a few paces they stopped, put on their shoes, and then walked boldly along. When they reached the end of the street three figures came out from a deep doorway to meet them. "Is all well?" one asked.

Resolved to resist the cruel tyranny of this thought, I hurried into the salon, heedless of any sounds I might make; but, luckily, I came upon a secret door leading to a little staircase. As I expected, the key was in the lock; I slammed the door, went boldly out into the court, and gained the street in three bounds, without looking round to see whether I was observed.

Half-an-hour before, a hard-featured man had swaggered up the avenue, fired off a volley of defiance on the knocker, and demanded to see Mr. Campion. "What do you want?" said Lettice, who had opened the door and stood boldly facing him. "I want to see the parson. At once, miss, if you please." "Perhaps I can do what is necessary, if you will tell me what your business is.

Agesilaus, who stood by at the auction, told his Greeks, "These are the men against whom ye fight, and these the things you will gain by it." The season of the year being come, he boldly gave out that he would invade Lydia; and this plaindealing of his was now mistaken for a stratagem by Tisaphernes, who, by not believing Agesilaus, having been already deceived by him, overreached himself.