Sir Thomas, in truth, did not as yet understand Mary Bonner, knew very little of her character; but he did know that it was incumbent on him to give her some opportunity of taking her beauty to market. He wrote a line to Ralph, saying that he himself would dine at home on the day indicated. "Impossible!" said Clary, when she was first told. "You may be sure he's coming," said Patience.

I waited impatiently for the moon to rise, for I feared lest the faint, occasional plashes in the pool indicated that the otter had left her "holt," and would probably be fishing in a distant pool when an opportunity for observation arrived.

But when Dorothy Vaughan had passed a corner of the house to another garden more ancient in aspect, and in some things quaint even to grotesqueness, she was in front of a portion of the house which indicated a far statelier past closed and done with, like the rooms within those shuttered windows.

With the strangest perplexity he indicated his bundle of hundred-rouble notes, looking inquiringly at Pyotr Ilyitch as though it were for him to decide what he, Mitya, was to do with his own money. “In your pocket, or on the table here. They won’t be lost.” “In my pocket? Yes, in my pocket.

I will give you his address at Enkhuizen, and as it is but a short journey from here you might perhaps find time to go over and see him, when he will be able to talk freely with you on the subject. Now, with your permission I will go and see my aunt." Ned had no difficulty in finding the house indicated. He knocked at the door, and it was opened by his aunt herself.

Peter said to the beggar, "Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee," it is not to be thought that he hadn't a few coppers to spare. He meant, "Silver and gold are not my gifts; I have something other and more precious." Thus the apostle indicated the deeper significance of charity. There is hospitality of the mind as well as of the hand, though both spring from the heart.

The young man looked pleasant: that which might have aroused Brayder's suspicions was an old affair in parasitical register by this time. "Want to see him? What about?" he said carelessly, and gave the address. "By the way," he sang out, "we thought of putting your name down, Feverel." He indicated the lofty structure. "What do you say?" Richard nodded back at him, crying, "Hurry."

"Although I never again changed my stature, there were a thousand different ways in which I continued to make myself well, famous throughout the land. I have taught these people many things, gentlemen like this for instance." He indicated his cigar, and the chair in which he was sitting. "You cannot imagine what a variety of things one knows beyond the knowledge of so primitive a race as this.

The author's motive for this story is well indicated by a quotation from her introduction, as follows: "One ride is memorable in the early history of the American Revolution, the well-known ride of Paul Revere.

Bancroft had received from Count Bismarck indicated that some important event which it was desired I should witness was about to happen at the theatre of war, our Minister got us excused from our visit of ceremony, and we started for the headquarters of the German army that evening our stay in the Prussian capital having been somewhat less than a day.