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I may have to sit up with her after Violet Hunt goes, so I thought I would come here, fetch the bundle of papers and plans, and go through them in the silent watches of the night, if mother sleeps. But do you mean to say you have already started this masquerade?" Vivie: "I do. You see Christabel Pankhurst has been turned down as a barrister.

One was addressing the others, who were seated listening attentively. Laying the guns down to be ready for instant action, and keeping themselves concealed in the herbage, Harry took his bundle of squibs from his pocket. They were but lightly tied together; slipping off the string he applied the ends to the brand.

Ivan, unable to restrain himself, exclaimed: "Oh, you jewel of a mother!" Vasily squatted down on his heels, looked into the pot, and a bundle of books disappeared into his bosom. "Ivan!" he said aloud. "Let's not go home, let's get our dinner here from her!" And he quickly shoved the books into the legs of his boots. "We must give our new peddler a lift, don't you think so?" "Yes, indeed!"

After dinner we were all sitting on the piazza listening to a treatise from Uncle Peter on the subject of the growth and proper care of wheat cakes, or asparagus, I forget which, when suddenly the cadaverous form of the Sherlock Holmes of Jiggersville appeared before us. "Evenin' all!" bowed Harmony Diggs, clinging tightly to a bundle which he held under his arm.

One morning, not long after the events just narrated, Zeppa came to Rosco's hut with a bundle under his arm. He was followed by Marie, Betsy, Zariffa, and Lippy with her mother.

"What happens to little girls when they ask too many questions? Go 'way. I'm busy." On her return from luncheon that same afternoon Miss Underwood brought Dick a bundle of letters tied with a ribbon. She tossed them down upon the desk in front of him. "I haven't read them myself. Of course they're in Spanish. I did try to get through one of them, but it was too much like work and I gave it up.

"Then, why come to London?" from Hogarth. "Looking for work", with a shrug "looking for a needle in a bundle of hay. What would you have? the whole place overrun with Jews. England no longer belongs to the English, that's the long and short of it". Hogarth looked him in the face. "Did England belong to the English before the Jews came?" "How do you mean? Of course it did". "Which part of it?"

It was open, and he was reading a selection from the bundle of letters which the reader may remember having seen in his hands before. "How do, Anne?" he said, without rising. "You look very handsome this morning. I never saw a woman wear better." She vouchsafed no reply to his greeting, but turned as pale as death.

From the corner into which, loathingly, he had kicked it, he drew forth the bundle containing "The Marquis Suit." With a certain solemnity he resumed these garments of price in which he had suffered so much torture, and, being clad, boldly presented himself to Madame Carthame with a formal demand for her daughter's hand.

With her bundle over her arm, Lizzie Lindsay was off to the Highlands with Donald MacDonald. Donald's heart was glad as he left the fair city of Edinburgh behind him, Lizzie by his side. He had so much to tell his beautiful bride, so much, too, to show her, that at first the road seemed neither rough nor long.