But I stopped and said: 'That's the second mistake you've made, Paul Bargee; the first was when you sent a dirty little lawyer to pay me for taking my wife. And your lawyer came to me and told me to screw you to the last cent. I kicked him out of my sight; and what have you to say why I shouldn't do the same to you, Paul Bargee?

I've no idea that it's entered her head yet, but it will by-and-by, and then good-by to her happiness." "For pity's sake, what do you mean? Do explain, and not talk to me in riddles. What have I done to Maddy, or what am I going to do?" Gay spoke savagely, and his boots were in great danger of being burned as he kicked vigorously against the fender.

Course thar was three ag'in' one, but arter you kicked the wind out o' the lawyer, the odds wasn't so bad, an' I sorter hated to lose out seeing how the scrap came out. Holy smoke! but you sure put up some dandy fight, Jim. I ain't seen nuthin' better since I struck this yere camp.

And in a moment the boy in the boat had drawn in his oars, and kicked off his shoes, and was ploughing sturdily through the belching coils. "You're all right, Carette," he cried, as he drove up alongside, and the swimmer grasped hurriedly at his extended arm. "We've done stiffer bits than this. Now rest a minute! All right? Come on then for the boat. Here you are! Hang on till I get in!"

This cardinal was actually entrusted by Alexander VIII. with the commission of suppressing the rats; an occasion upon which the "sardonic grin" imputed to the Pope by a detractor may be conjectured to have been particularly apparent. Barbadico was a remarkable instance of a man "kicked upstairs."

The men grappled with one another, kicked one another from behind, slapped one another across the face, and in many cases completely lost their temper and tried to bite one another. I noticed one gigantic fellow brandishing a knotted towel, and striking right and left among our men, until Captain Bilge rushed at him and struck him flat across the mouth with a banana skin.

He had wheeled after firing and kicked his mount into wild flight, making for the protection of the turn about which they had come. Twice before he gained safety the rifle above spat out venomously, but missed the fleeing target. Such a confusion seized upon Brent that he never knew how he got across that creek.

Just as you began to feel that the old Chief was at the end of his tether, and ready to give up the ghost, the Shamán, rising suddenly with a demoniac yell, flung himself down on the floor in a convulsion. His body writhed horribly; he kicked and snapped and quivered.

"Are you prepared to jail your wife and daughters for conspiracy?" asked Orne. A tight smile played around Polly's lips. Spencer opened his mouth, closed it soundlessly. "The Nathians are mostly women," said Orne. "There's evidence that your womenfolk are among them." The admiral looked like a man who had been kicked in the stomach. "What ... evidence?" he whispered.

Neal stepped forward to meet him, in the hope of keeping Peg concealed, but the sergeant caught sight of her. "There's another of them, Captain, lying in the grass." "Rout him out, rout him out," said Captain Twinely, "we'll run the two. We'll have sport." The sergeant stepped forward and kicked Peg. Neal flew at the man and knocked him down. "Ho, ho," laughed Captain Twinely, "he's a game cub.