In what friendly intercourse the neighbors can sit on these flat roofs! How sightly this is, and yet how sheltered! To the east is the height where Augustus, and after him Tiberius, built palaces.

I was sitting in the kitchen reading Edna Lyall's 'Donovan. About half-past nine o'clock I distinctly heard Mrs. M. walk up and down the passage which ran from the front door past the open door of the room in which I was sitting. I was not thinking of Mrs. M. and did not at the time realize that she was not in the flat, when suddenly I heard her voice and saw her standing at the open door.

About three hundred miles from the sea, up the country, and towards the end of December, a few years back, a busy scene was to be witnessed. The country was not hilly nor flat, but swelling with ups and downs. On one side was a forest, but the trees were wide enough apart to let horsemen gallop between them.

A large, square stone house, with regular windows, and a roof, nearly flat, of red tiles, constituted the comfortable, spacious, and substantial mansion. The eaves projected quite a distance beyond the walls, to protect the windows from the summer's sun and the winter's rain and snow.

On the voyage to India I did not make much of the grammar, but on the way to Benares I gave myself resolutely to learning the language. I found a young native officer on the flat who knew a little English, and who professed to be a good Hindustanee scholar.

He had not meant to ask her that, but.... "Coming back? Why, what's in your mind? Of course I'll be coming back." "H'm." So he was left alone again eyah, well ...! With his strength, and the love of work that was in him, he could not idle in and out about the hut doing nothing; he set to, clearing timber, felling straight, good sticks, and cutting them flat on two sides.

HESTER: "I don't see any 'quality of mercy' to spare around your flat." There were the two years of high school, you see. "Ed's going out to Geyser Springs next month for the cure. I told him he could not go without me unless over my dead body, he could not." "Geyser Springs. That's thirty miles from my home town." "Your home town? Nighty-night!

The flat truth is that Henry James was not a novelist at all, at least in the good, old- fashioned sense that we usually give to the word. He was primarily a critic; the greatest American critic since Poe. His later novels are one-fifth story, one-fifth character creation, and the rest pure criticism of life.

And then he proceeded to bring up in detail casuistic objections on the score of a young girl's modesty; all of which fell flat on Herminia's more honest and consistent temperament. "I believe in the truth," she said simply; "and I'm never afraid of it. I don't think a lie, or even a suppression, can ever be good in the end for any one. The Truth shall make you Free.

You may observe that his nose is flat and sunk below the level of his cheeks; that his cheeks are prominent, his lips very thick, his nostrils wide, his face beardless, and his head almost hairless for the small kinky wool-knots thinly scattered over his skull can scarcely be designated hair.