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"Put your head inside the cave," Thede suggested, "and you won't be wondering whether there are any bears here." George did as requested, and soon the warm animal odor noticeable in the various zoos of the country attacked his nostrils. "What kind of bears are they?" he asked. "I've heard Pierre say there were black and brown bears," replied Thede.

Then across in the camp a dog began to bark, at first uncertainly, with what was almost a note of interrogation, and then, as the wind brought confirmation of suspicion to his nostrils, with savage vigour. By the sound, he was apparently approaching the dam. Some sleeper, awakened by the noise, yelled a profane command to the animal, which had no effect.

As he did so, a fluttering sigh, and a whispered "Oh, thank God; thank God!" fell upon his ear; a handkerchief saturated with eau-de-cologne was applied to his nostrils; and, as in a dream, he heard a voice murmur "Are you better, Mr Leslie? Tell me that you are feeling better." Feeling better! Had he been ill, then?

The light at last was dawning upon my mental darkness, and I pounced upon the grip, which stood upon a chair near the window, and opened it. A sickly smell of cooked cheese assailed my nostrils. "Mind your fingers!" cried Smith; "some of them are still set, possibly." Out from the grip I began to take mouse-traps!

My own mount, a fine sorrel cavalry horse, given to me at Fort Hays, was the last sacrifice. He was standing near me in the brown bushes. I could see his superb head and chest as, with nostrils wide, and flashing eyes, he saw and felt the battle charge. Subconsciously I felt that so long as he was unhurt I had a sure way of escape.

You no cheat us any more." While they were speaking Boone had gathered up in his arms a number of dry tobacco leaves. Rubbing them to dust, he suddenly flung it into the faces of the Indians, filling their eyes and nostrils. Then, while they were coughing, sneezing, and rubbing their eyes, he escaped. These are but a few of Boone's dangerous adventures.

They did not mind him and his horse except when the wind blew the scent in their nostrils, when they would break and run in droves. Indians often lurked in the neighbourhood of these hunters plundering their camp, robbing them, and even shooting down one of their number, Robert Crockett, from ambush.

It seemed as though liquid fire had been dashed in his eyes, and of all the obnoxious smells that ever disgusted his nostrils, this was the worst. His eyes smarted and burned, and the more he rubbed them the worse they became. He was nearly blinded and so had to go groping and stumbling through the woods to the nearest brook, to which his wild instinct guided him in some miraculous manner.

It reared and plunged and enveloped the slighter man in a crushing embrace and bore him over backward. With the muzzle of a revolver chafing his ear Garry managed to worry his head high enough to free his mouth and nostrils from dirt. "Get off me! Get off me, you fat romancer, you!" he whispered fiercely. An explosive grunt of dismay answered him, before Fat Joe let him rise.

No, Tilly, I couldn't bring myself to leave this building, where I've married them, and buried them, and born them, you may say, being with so many of their mothers; I feel like they was all my children. Don't ASK me." Tilly's head went upward and backward with a little dilatation of the nostrils. "Now, mother," said she in a voice of determined gentleness, "just listen to me.