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"Show me your water supply," said he to Joel; "old beaver ponds, if I am correctly informed. We must move fifty thousand cattle from Dodge to the Platte River within the next fortnight. One of the worst drouths in the history of the trail confronts us, and if you can water my cattle between the Prairie Dog and the Republican River, you can name your own price."

'It 's not new to us, Harry. I'm sure you're brave? 'Brave! what am I asked to bear? 'Much, if you love her, Harry! 'Speak. 'It is better you should hear it from me, Harry. I wrote you word of it. We all imagined it would not be disagreeable to you. Who could foresee this change in you? She least of all! 'She's in love with some one? 'I did not say in love. 'Tell me the worst.

It is the man of evil, the man of self-seeking design, not he who would fain do right, not he who, even in his worst time, would at once submit to the word of the Master, who is reasonably afraid of power.

I am a woman for whose sin Time has no mercy; you are a madman, and I am alone!" "What are you saying?" he demanded, thickly. "You are alone? There is no hope, then?" "No, there is no hope," she said, "nor has the worst " She sprang suddenly forward and caught him about the neck. "Oh, Harold!" she cried, "you are not mad. It cannot be!

Applying a well-known phrase from another time to seventeenth-century embryological theory, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness." Embryology underwent some very significant changes during the seventeenth century.

But this was not the worst part of our day's work, for after they had been tumbled back over the bridge, our division came up and we followed them right up towards their heights, keeping Toulouse some distance to our right. Before we reached the heights, however, we had to attack and carry a small village they were occupying.

The sisters called her a very good soul. "It may not be in England as over here," said Anna. "We have to submit to these little social scourges." Lena whispered to Adela, "An angry woman will think the worst. I have no doubt of my Wilfrid. If I had! Her eyes flashed. Fire was not wanting in her.

"Why, I remember it, Phil; but you know, Phil, I'm a patient and a forgiving man notwithstanding; you know that Phil; ha, ha, ha!" "That was certainly the worst case came across us yet," replied the son, "none of the rest ventured to go so far, even when you had less power than you have now." "I didn't tell you all, Phil," continued the father, following up the same train of thought.

"In the mountain country?" "Yes." "By George! I believe you've got the mountain fever; there's an awful lot of it round here this season, and this is just the worst time of year for an easterner to come out here. But we'll look after you when we get to Ophir, and bring you round all right."

They had nothing, it would seem, to overtake; nothing by which to reckon their advance; no sight for repose or for encouragement; but stage after stage, only the dead green waste under foot, and the mocking, fugitive horizon. But the eye, as I have been told, found differences even here; and at the worst the emigrant came, by perseverance, to the end of his toil.