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Presently she said: "Davy, who is going to to " She was about to say, "keep house for you," but, recalling Susan Jane's helplessness, she said instead, "who is going to keep you from being awfully lonely, now?" "Why, Janet," Davy's full mouth hampered his speech, "I reckon I'll have t' stay lonely straight on t' the end. I've had my life." "Davy, will you share me with Cap'n Billy?"

"I was only thinking about that fire you started," returned the other quietly. "I don't see it now." "Well if you did?" "I was wondering whether it could reach that hollow." "I reckon that hollow could take care of any casual nat'rel fire that came boomin' along, and go two better every time!

This information arrived seven days after the Directory had written that "he must not reckon on the co-operation of the armies of Germany." It is impossible to describe the General's vexation on reading these despatches.

I've something to tell you which I reckon will interest you almost as much as it does me." When Mara was seated in a low chair she resumed: "How much you would look like your father, child, if your eyes were bright and laughing instead of being so large and sad! Well, well, there has been enough to make all our eyes sad, and you, poor child, have had more than enough.

"Want to rent that stone out down there, between your building and the alley?" he questioned of the ill-looking man, who seemed to be in attendance. "Um, well, no, I reckon not; guess you'd have a time of getting it away." "Don't want to get it away; it's just in the right spot for me." "What, for the land's sake, do you mean to do?" "I mean to set up business right out there on that stone."

"It serves Dick Rover right," said Baxter. "He's the kind that ought to be kept under foot all the time." "Those girls will ask some awkward questions, I reckon," said Jack Lesher, as the two prepared to leave the wreck. "We had better not say too much," answered Baxter. They were soon over the side and in the rowboat, which contained the bundle of clothing and a number of other articles.

And now I reckon we may as well lock up the place again, and turn in. The Captain has got the key of the front door, and we will leave the lantern burning at the bottom of the stairs." Cyril got up as soon as he heard a movement in the house, and went down to the shop, which had been already opened by John Wilkes. "It seems quiet here, without the apprentices, John.

He fills some hearts with love and denies it to others; and the heart that has been denied is cursed, through no fault of its own simply because it has not received while the other heart is blessed. I reckon the safest plan is to conclude that we don't know anything about it. I don't, and that settles it so far as I'm concerned.

I've been fixing up things in my mind, and this is the way I make it out. I reckon there's no sense in taking risks when you needn't. You've a mighty high-toned bunch of guests here. I'm not saying you haven't. What I say is, it would make us all feel more comfortable if we knew there was a detective in the house keeping his eye skinned.

Harding had refused it. Her husband had no right to be quixotic at the expense of fourteen children. The narrow escape of throwing away his good fortune which her lord had had, almost paralysed her. Now, indeed, they had received a full promise, not only from Mr. Slope, but also from Mrs. Proudie. Now, indeed, they might reckon with safety on their good fortune. But what if all had been lost?