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But the wreck they were seeking did not lie in so great a depth of water, and there was no need of running useless risks. "Well," remarked Ned, when they came to a stop, "I don't believe any one will find us here." "Not an ordinary diver, at any rate," Tom agreed. "And after supper I'm going to have another go at the currents."

He offered to give the fugitives free papers if they would land him at any place where there was a surgeon, and from which he could be removed to Redlawn; but Dan dared not run any risks. The planter wanted to know where they were going, but the prudent skipper declined to answer this question.

"It is useful to know when people are coming up." Ten minutes passed and Selby returned to say that the policeman had been making inquiries as to whom the car belonged. "You'd better get it away," said the colonel, "and send away your men." "They've gone," said the other. "I wasn't taking any risks."

And as to the second complaint, that by reason of artillery men can no longer display their valour as they could in ancient days, I admit it to be true that when they have to expose themselves a few at a time, men run more risks now than formerly; as when they have to scale a town or perform some similar exploit, in which they are not massed together but must advance singly and one behind another.

For all I have done and risked already, for all the risks of the future, I am tenfold repaid in winning you." She looked up at these words with an expression in which there was more of bewilderment and incredulity than of satisfaction, evidently touched by the earnestness of my tone, but scarcely understanding my words better than if I had spoken in my own tongue.

Her frizzed hair sat as usual on the top of her head, and her pince-nez glimmered at him across the hearthrug like the eyes of a cat. "It is this," she said hurriedly. "I felt I must just speak to you. I wasn't sure whether you quite realized the ... the dangers of all this. I didn't want you to ... to run any risks in my house. I should feel responsible, you know." She laughed nervously. "Risks?

I believe he had a dirty job he wanted done and preferred to save his position and avoid risks by getting some other Jap who had no family and no interests here, to do it for him.

Because he was not office-broken he did not worry about the risks of the new enterprise. The stupid details of affairs had, for him, a soul the Adventure of Business.

Count Louis, who listened only to his feelings of indignation, foolhardily maintained that they ought, without loss of time, to take up arms and seize some strongholds. That they ought at all risks to prevent the king's armed entrance into the provinces.

Once again "a soul came into Ireland," and men were capable then of high enterprises which to-day seem to belong to another age. Even for myself, I have many times marvelled how light-heartedly in those days I took the risks of conspiracy how little it troubled me that there were dozens of men who bore my liberty, and perhaps my life, in their hands. But I never doubted them and I was right!

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