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I remember grass and wheat colored eggs in such trials of strength, and onion and logwood colored eggs; but never calico eggs; they were too precious to be risked; it would have seemed wicked.

Of these last the fifteen men who swam ashore would have been the sole survivors, in all human probability, if there had been no lifeboat or rocket apparatus on the coast. For the service thus rendered, each man who risked his life that night in the lifeboat received 2 pounds from the Royal Lifeboat Institution.

He told me to come straight to you, as you would know what to do. I said, 'Should I go and fetch the troops? but he said No it would be sure to be found out who had brought them, and our lives wouldn't be worth having. But I don't mind risking it, sir, if you think that's the best plan." "No, Polly; on no account. You have risked quite enough in coming to tell me.

But ah, mother, I'm afeard;" and as the noble girl spoke, the tears gushed to her eyes "'It's my last act for you, she whispered to me, on that night when the house was surrounded by villains 'I know what you risked for me in the shed; I know it, dear Mave, an' I'm now sthrivin' to pay back my debt to you. Oh, mother!" she exclaimed, "where where could one look for the like of her! an' yet how little does the world know about her goodness, or her greatness, I may say.

If only he had risked a Dissolution on his triumphal return from Berlin in July, 1878, he would certainly have retained his dictatorship for life; but his health had failed, and his nerve failed with it. "I am very unwell," he said to Lord George Hamilton, "but I manage to crawl to the Treasury Bench, and when I get there I look as fierce as I can."

Little money was being risked, but it was going with enough profanity to melt it. Lambert stood at the end of the bar near the door, his liquor in his hand, lounging in his careless attitude of abstraction. But there was not a lax fiber in his body; every faculty was alert, every nerve set for any sudden development.

What should hinder me from taking that of which I was really in want, when, in taking it, I risked no vengeance, and perpetrated no violence? The property in question will be beneficial to me, and the voluntary surrender of it is accompanied with no injury to its late proprietor; what other condition can be necessary to render the use of it on my part a duty?

After his death, men used the empty forms awhile; but the surviving aristocrats had learned their awful lesson. They put no further faith in the strength of the city; they watched the armies and the generals; they intrigued for the various commands. It was an exciting game. Life and fortune were the stakes they risked; the prize the mastery of a helpless world, waiting to be plundered.

He said that up till midnight we weren't absolutely certain that Charlie wouldn't recover, and that she was safer with us in the hotel than she would be away from us in the convent. "My safety is to be considered before everything?" she said. He answered that it was surely enough for her if he risked it now. I can't think why she didn't see through him.

Then for the first time his cigar fell from his lips, and he muttered an exclamation which might have been one of fear. "Boy," he said, "you should have told me of this. I see three lights, and that means a fleet of the devils to come. Well, I'll risk it, as I've risked it before. If I can stop 'em now with a shot, the game's ours; if she sinks, they trump us."