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It arrives in large bundles, and is packed there, by means of a screw-press, in compact bales, for shipping, secured by rattan, each weighing two piculs. The best Manila hemp ought to be white, dry, and of a long and fine fiber. This is known at Manila by the name of lupis; the second quality they call bandala.

Ferguson, Mr., on the courtship of fowls. Fertilisation, phenomena of, in plants; in the lower animals. Fertility lessened under changed conditions. Fevers, immunity of Negroes and Mulattoes from. Fiber zibethicus, protective colouring of it. Fick, H., effect of conscription for military service. Fidelity, in the elephant; of savages to one another; importance of.

The man's red eyes rested on his, and every fiber in his body seemed for a moment to have lost the power of action. He gasped and stared, and Pelliter started as if stung at the words which came first from his lips. "Deane Scottie Deane!" An amazed cry broke from Pelliter. He looked at MacVeigh, his chief. He made an involuntary movement forward, but Billy was ahead of him.

This device consists of a large coil of very fine wire, in the center of which, in a small air-chamber, is a tiny mirror. Mounted on the back of the mirror are very small magnets. The mirror is suspended by a fiber of the finest silk.

It broke, and shattered itself in torrents of milky foam upon the hard rocks. But the larger and higher the wave, the farther it recedes. Leopold stood firm, though he was shaken in every fiber of his frame by the shock. The retiring water retiring only for an instant, to come again with even greater fury gave him his opportunity, and he improved it.

A powerful fellow leaning on an ax was exhibiting to another and an older settler a fragment of wood he had brought, and both examined with interest the fiber; this was evidently a discovery, the tree being unknown in the eastern section, for these people were as if transplanted to a new world.

He thought rightly that there is no calling that offers nobler opportunities to a man who has a moral fiber able to bear the strain. When he should have finished his term, he would be thirty-one, and would be precluded from marriage by his disgrace. He could live on a crust, if necessary, and be the champion of the oppressed. What pleasure he would have in beating Conger some day!

The thieves took to such horses as they could lay their hands on, and one fellow went no farther. A six-shooter halted him at fifty yards. The boys rounded up over a hundred horses, each one with a fiber grass halter on, besides killing over twenty wounded ones to put them out of their misery. "It was a nasty fight. Two of our own boys were killed and three were wounded.

First to replenish their store of vegetables; second, to secure game or meat of some kind; third, the cultivation of the garden; and fourth, the manufacture of clothing, of which all stood in need. When John came to their home he was supplied with practically all of the surplus goods on hand, and a new stock of ramie fiber had not been prepared since that.

"A ten-cent lodging house with a tramp for bedfellow." They were looking at each other, with the perfect understanding and sympathy that can come only to two people of the same fiber who have braved the same storms. Each glanced hastily away. Her enthusiasm for doing the apartment was due full as much to the fact that it gave her definitely directed occupation as to its congeniality.

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