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"I can't stand that, and I won't," he exclaimed, aiming a blow at Pigeon's head which sent him backwards; while Alick Murray, who had likewise jumped up, appeared on the other side of him. "We are thieves, I tell you; we've been stealing old Rowley's apples, and Jack Rogers is right," cried Terence. "A very true remark, boys," said a deep voice which all recognised full well.

"I don't care," said the uncouth scribe. "They didn't break in for that. They never thought of scragging her. The foolish old person would make a noise, and one of them tied too tight. I call it jolly bad luck on them." "On quiet, harmless, well-behaved thieves," added Lord Thornaby, "in the unobtrusive exercise of their humble avocation."

The man who went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among thieves was left half-dead. The priest and the Levite, who came and looked and passed by on the other side, assuredly convinced themselves that most likely the swooning wretch was not alive. They were on most important professional errands.

He spoke no word and no man noticed the flush on his face nor the fire in his eye until the hiss of the thong sang over the heads of those about the table of Ben Amon and its stinging force fell across those who bent over the money bags. There was a yell, and another hissing of the thongs. Then the words rang out in a shout of mighty condemnation, "Ye have made my Father's house a den of thieves!"

Travennes was the leader of the local vigilantes came to his assistance and he was sure that the captain had a hand in the change. All these points existed in misty groups in his mind, but the next remark of the landlord caused them to rush together and reveal the plot. "Good," said the landlord, flopping another flapjack, "and a warnin' to hoss thieves. "Ahem," coughed Mr.

"Professional thieves, robbers!" And still Elizabeth refused to wince. She forced a cold, polite smile of attention. "He went into a town and killed the best fighter they had." And even this blow did not tell. "And then he defied the sheriff, went back to the town, and broke into a bank and stole fifty thousand dollars."

With one bound he had reached the door that opened upon the lower corridor. "Thieves! robbers!" he ejaculated under his breath. His first impulse was to cry aloud, but the next moment it occurred to him that the better plan would be to break upon the midnight intruder unawares, and assist his master in vanquishing him.

At first they were about to start out without any plan whatever, intent only on getting the horses as quickly as possible; but George realized in time that, secure as the thieves appeared to be against escape, all might be changed by too much precipitation.

She had a little money, but it was less than little as they would take for all they done. I'm a'most glad on it, though they was so poor! What they done, is laid up wheer neither moth or rust doth corrupt, and wheer thieves do not break through nor steal. Mas'r Davy, it'll outlast all the treasure in the wureld.

"They -they thought we were thi -thieves!" panted Carl, after he and his crony had covered several blocks. "Yes, and we came near being shot dead!" added Ham. "I didn't know they were going to stay there to-night." "Neither did I." "Those shots will wake up the whole town." "Yes, and we must get out of sight. Phew! what a smell!" "They dumped something down on us." "Must have been rotten eggs.