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And when she sat down upon the cushions he stood apart and watched her, until a little hand, like a white moth fluttering in the dark, beckoned him, and he moved towards her and sat at her feet; and the wind, whispered to the palms and the hours fled as the English girl lay on the cushions and listened, and she had learnt of many things before she rose and passed into her tent to sleep again.

"She can only take care of herself, Gracie, and will she? Did you know that Captain Fort was here yesterday?" "She told me." "What is her feeling about him?" "I don't think she knows. Nollie dreams along, and then suddenly rushes." "I wish she were safe from that man." "But, Dad, why? George likes him and so do I." A big grey moth was fluttering against the lamp.

He died poor, too, as such men ever die, laying up no treasures upon earth, where moth and rust and thieves are said to lessen treasure there accumulated, yet where its accumulation seems the chief end of man not spiritually constituted as was Davies, who was imposed upon by every beat and beggar, tramp and drab, within reachable distance of Urbana.

For the moth shall eat them up like a garment, and the worm shall eat them like wool; but My righteousness shall be for ever, and My salvation from generation to generation." Gal. i. 24. 1 Tim. v. 21. 1 Cor. iv. 9. Heb. xii. 2. Temporal Advantages. "We brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.

While Molly-Cotton guarded her I returned for the male, and found him with wings so hardened that could raise them above his back, and lower them full width. I wanted my study to dignify the term, so I planned it to show the under wings of one moth, the upper of the other. Then the smaller antennae and large abdomen of the female were of interest.

The wings are long and narrow, with the most beautiful and delicate long silken fringe, which increases in length towards the base of the wing. They begin to fly in May, and last all through the season, fluttering with a noiseless, stealthy flight in our apartments, and laying their eggs in our woollens. Successive broods of the clothes moth appear through the summer.

Its green hairy larva is fearfully prevalent about Boston and New York. The last of the month a new brood of Grapta comma appears, and a second brood of the larva of Chrysophanus Americanus may be found on the sorrel. The larvæ of Pyrrarctia Isabella hatch out the first week in July, and the snuff-colored moth enters our windows at night, in company with a host of night-flying moths.

And he understood why any woman might believe in strange inexplicable things here in the haunting stillness of this house where splendour had turned to mould where form had become effaced and colour dimmed; where only the shadowy film of texture still remained, and where even that was slowly yielding under the attacks of Time’s relentless mercenaries, moth and dust and rust.

I will go over the down to Shoreham, and get some stuff to make me sleep soundly. I ought to have done that yesterday." But half-way over the down, by the chalk pits, the moth came upon Hapley again. He went on, trying to keep his mind upon chess problems, but it was no good. The thing fluttered into his face, and he struck at it with his hat in self-defence.

It is because of this that I have been forced to resort to the gasoline bottle a few times when I found it impossible to paint from the living moth; but I do not put one to sleep unless I am compelled.