Two minutes later the curtain rose on a medieval castle hall richly done in the new stage-craft made in Germany and consisting of pink and blue cheesecloth. In addition to this splendour, potted plants and palms have seldom been more lavishly used in any castle on the stage or off.

Helma lifted Eric's chin in her palms and looked long and earnestly at the child she was letting go away from her all alone out into the queer world of Earth People. She picked him up in her strong arms then, as though he were a very little boy, and kissed him. She ran with him to the opening in the hedge and set him down there, laughing. "Run along now 'round the world," she said.

"But do you not think that after we stand at the altar, we never should be separated?" "We will be together always," said he, holding her face between his palms, and looking with tender expression into her inquiring eyes.

The tall, slender palms with their beautiful feathery foliage, lend a charm to the sunny Egyptian landscape with its golden dawns and sunsets that is simply indescribable. There seems no reason why every village on the whole delta should not be hiding its ugliness beneath a grove of this charming vegetation.

And he would remember her face at night as it bent over the books he borrowed for her, which she read while they were at mess, sitting in her high chair with her chin resting in her palms, staring down at the book before her. And the trick she had, whenever he spoke, of raising her head and looking into the fire, her eyes lighting and her lips smiling. They would be pleasant memories, he was sure.

Turn the palms of the hands up in a free, flexible manner, and lift the hands up and out a little, not high, not above the waist line. When moving the hands up and out, move the body from the hips up and out in exactly the same manner and proportion. The hands and arms must not move faster than the body; the body must move rhythmically with the arms.

While the process of involution is altering the shape and size of the womb, other forces are at work within the organ to provide its cavity with a new mucous membrane. In character and in extent the inner surface of the womb, left raw and bleeding at the conclusion of labor, is comparable to the wound which would result if some accident removed the skin from the palms of both hands.

And the king also placed plentiful cattle and stout cowherds, and gave the latter the following order: ""When the great saint Vibhandaka should enquire of you about his son, ye must join your palms and say to him that these cattle, and these ploughed fields belong to his son and that ye are his slaves, and that ye are ready to obey him in all that he might bid."

He saw the years of his youth, painted in sweet, glimmering pictures, as unlike those of the present as if either the one or the other must be a dream. There were the three girlish figures sporting around him, weaving garlands for his head, fastening them on with kisses, amid merry laughter. How softly the palms were whispering!

"Freshening wine More bounteous far than all the frantic juice Which Bacchus pours," was produced, although the drought and scarcity of June rain had dried the palms.