It has been already stated, that the communication between the yard which the Landers occupied, and that which was tenanted by the wives of Ebo, was uninterrupted, and of course in the absence of their husband, there was no impediment to any of them whispering their tale of love into the ears of the juvenile travellers, whenever they thought they were in a disposition to hear it.

And she told him the story from behind her fan, with many glances, many cunning strokes of the narrator's art. The others had drawn away, for it was understood that Madame von Rosen was in favour with the Prince. None the less, however, did the Countess lower her voice at times to within a semitone of whispering; and the pair leaned together over the narrative.

The child started and stood still in alarm, stretching out imploring hands and whispering timidly: "I heard you lamenting. Poor, poor Orion! And it was I who brought it all on you, and so I could not stay in bed any longer I must I could not help...." But she could say no more for sobs. Orion exclaimed: "Very well, very well: go back to your own room and sleep. I will try not to groan so loud."

I dashed quickly into the room, and to my horror saw what had occurred. Then my thoughts were for Mary to conceal her guilt. Whispering to her to obey me I led her downstairs, through the back premises, and so out into the street. A cab was passing, and I put her into it, telling the man to drive to the Hennikers', with whom she had been spending the evening.

What is a fellow to do?" continued Carter, looking at Hassim and Immada who were whispering together and gave him only an absent glance. He rushed on deck and was struck blind instantly by the night that seemed to have been lying in wait for him; he stumbled over something soft, kicked something hard, flung himself on the rail. "Come back," he cried. "Come back. Captain! Mrs.

All this he could know, and did: but he could not know that one word was whispering in the deep recesses of her heart, to keep her quiet; and that the word was Florence. Blind idiot, rushing to a precipice! He thought she stood in awe of him. 'You are too expensive, Madam, said Mr Dombey. 'You are extravagant.

There was nothing to remind them of the restraints of levees, or the penalty indiscretion must pay for folly breathed in that whispering gallery the ruelle. It was indeed a delightful hour; altogether an ideal situation. The fire had burned so low only a few embers were alive now, and the candles were beginning to flicker and droop in the sconces.

Hoapili also embraced him, whispering something in his ear, after which he was taken back to the house. About twelve he was carried once more to the house for eating, into which his head entered, while his body was in the dwelling house immediately adjoining. It should be remarked that this frequent carrying of a sick chief from one house to another resulted from the tabu system, then in force.

But as she was on the point of naming a day for joining them and setting out, a very tall man came forward from the middle of the place, bowed to them respectfully, and began whispering in Undine's ear. She though apparently displeased with the interruption and with the speaker, stepped aside with him, and they began a low discourse together, in what sounded like a foreign language.

"No," said Martin, "I want to give you what you'd like." "I'd like what you'd like," said Maggie, still whispering. At this banality the prophet made a little impatient movement as though he really could not be expected to stand waiting there for ever.