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Boyd's tray; Willy at the table, making them forget the frugality of the meals with campaign anecdotes; Willy, lamenting the lack of a chance to fish, and subsequently eliciting a rare smile from Edith by being discovered angling in the kitchen sink with a piece of twine on the end of his umbrella. Rather forced, some of it, but eminently good for all of them. And then suddenly it ceased.

I am sure I like Mr Crossland little enough; but I felt almost sorry for him as I listened to the girl who professed to love him. Meanwhile, Grandmamma and Mrs Newton were lamenting over the news as I supposed: but when I began to listen, I found all that was over and done with.

But it was against her will, I fancy; for the poor old creature is always regretting the change of times and of property." "I am much obliged to her," answered the Lord Keeper. "She and her folk eat my bread and drink my cup, and are lamenting all the while that they are not still under a family which never could do good, either to themselves or any one else!"

As they left the village, they were regaled with a song from the Golden Crested Wren, who was perched on the branch of an apple tree, and seemed to be lamenting the rapid approach of winter. Scarcely had they got into the thick part of the woods, where the walnuts were abundant, when they found that they were not the only nut gatherers on the ground.

Lamenting the fact to a friend, the following epigram was the result: ‘B kills two patients while from home away— A clever fellow this same B , I wot; If absent thus his patients he can slay, How he must kill them when he’s on the spot!’ Perhaps one of the noted physicians of my boyhood was Mr. Stebbing. ‘He was once,’ writes Mr.

Kingston, an old acquaintance of mine, came and invited us all to her drawing-room, lamenting greatly her husband's absence, and hoping that Mr. Yolland, his new partner, would be able to supply his place. The young man had very high testimonials and an excellent education. She was evidently exercised between her own distrust of the assistant and fear of disparaging him.

When the service was over, he said to his companion, after lamenting the hasty and careless manner in which the service had been performed, that he esteemed it an honor to have worshipped God in Westminster Abbey. As he strolled among the tombs, he came, at last, to the grave of two men who had often roused his enthusiasm.

Count Leopold von Stolberg put himself at the head of a vociferous opposition by denouncing the poem in a Leipzig journal as blasphemous, and lamenting that the author of the noble 'Song to Joy' should have fallen so low. The modern reader finds it easy to acquit him on the religious arraignment, since he did not profess to present the claims of monotheism completely.

While taking the drink, the old man was lamenting his poverty, which kept him from betting more money, and after we had gone outside, the saloonkeeper came and said to him, in a burst of generous feeling, "Old sport, you're a stranger to me, but I can see at a glance that you're a dead game man.

He had been of high mind and clean heart, and he had fought in the open. The British adjutant-general at Montreal issued public orders lamenting his death and praising his bravery. The British throne sent his young son, Puck-e-sha-shin-wa, a sword, and settled a pension upon the family, in memory of the father. The Prophet received a pension, too.