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With his carbine, he kills the wild cattle and deer for food and defends himself from the savages. The maize dampened serves him in lieu of bread .... The cold does not affright him. When a family tires of one location, it moves to another, and there it settles with the same ease.

It fosters cruelty, callousness, contempt of life; it kills sympathy and the gentler virtues; it coarsens and leads almost inevitably to sensuality. After a war there is always a marked increase in crime and sexual vice; ex-soldiers are restless, and find it hard to settle down to a normal life. There is a permanent coarsening of fiber.

"And how many, Chapeau; how many did you positively kill dead, you know?" said the confidential maid. "What nonsense you do talk!" answered he, with a great air of military knowledge, "as if a man in battle knows when he kills and when he doesn't. You're not able to look about you in that sort of way in the middle of the smoke and noise and confusion."

The other wagged his head: "You won't last long if you keep this up. The hic! trouble with you is that you can't get decently drunk. You just turn blue and white. That's what's matter you! And it kills the kind of hic! of man you are. B-b'lieve me," he added shedding tears, "I'm fon' 'v' you, Ber hic! kley."

Everybody in the town knew he bought the weed-killer; everybody knew that he was in debt to this man. What chance had he of escaping? Here's Jewelville he kills his wife, buries her in the cellar, and then calls attention to himself by running away.

Thus do unfortunate wretches, tortured by cruel diseases, accept with gratitude the opiate which kills them slowly, but which at least deadens the sense of pain.

He was conscious of the savagery and the bestial soul of vengeance which spoke through the music, and drowned the joy and radiance and almost ghostly and grotesque frivolity of the earlier passages; but it had no personal meaning to him, though at times it seemed when the Romany came near and bent over him with the ecstatic attack of the music, as though there was a look in the black eyes like that of a man who kills.

While toiling, you find no time for sin, but having a machine you have freedom. Freedom kills a man, even as the sunbeams kill the worm, the dweller of the depth of earth. Freedom kills man!" And pronouncing his words distinctly and positively, the old Anany struck the table four times with his finger.

I know how your genius can be saved to the world; I know the artist's nature. Have I not had the experience of twenty years? I know what feeds and rouses it, and I know what kills it. And this I tell you, Madame, that if you stay here, you have a stupendous future before you; if you return to your fogs and your tea-parties ah, then, Madame, your genius will die and your heart will be broken."

"Professor," he asked, "you say the murderer is a clever one, but hardly a subtle one. Why do you say that?" Professor Brierly dropped wearily into a deep chair on the porch. He shuffled the sheets of paper each with its bullet hole surrounded by powder marks. "A man who kills another, usually uses the tools he knows best; frequently he uses the tools of his trade.

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