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A Vizcacha never enters another's burrow, and if by chance driven into one by dogs will emerge speedily, apparently finding that the danger within is greater than the danger without.

"But everything is in our favor, and if we do have to come down I have a better landing field than this." He glanced over the meadow near the wayside inn. "I suppose I'll have to take a chance," said Mary. However, neither of them need have worried, for the Scud tried, evidently, to redeem herself, and flew back to Shopton without a hitch.

"I must go up there and look," said Mrs. Polly. "They did considerable mischief, last year." Ann turned pale; what if she should take it into her head to look that day! She watched her chance very narrowly for the hot mush; and after breakfast she caught a minute, when Phineas had gone to work, and Mrs. Polly was in the pantry, and Nabby down cellar.

He blamed the Ponkwasset directors for a species of incivism, in failing to have Northwick indicted at once, dead or alive. "Why don't they turn his family out of that house, and hand it over to the stockholders he has robbed?" he asked one morning in the chance conclave of loungers in his store.

"I shouldn't think they'd be very popular here in the woods." "They ain't, ma'am; they ain't, fer a fact. More'n once we've tried to make the hotel folks chase them away, but they sort of tickled the summer boarders over there, and so the hotel folks made out as they weren't as bad as they were painted, and was entitled to a chance to make camp around there as long as they behaved themselves."

"If only the madness is great enough!" that smile seemed to say. Truly, it was much to hope for, but a chance is a chance; and comforting herself with the thought, Miss Strange put out her light, and, with a hasty raising of the shade she had previously pulled down, took a final look at the prospect. Its aspect made her shudder.

Only now it was a gray sock, designed not for the mighty foot of Saul, but for Chance Dalton, lying on his back in the bunkhouse in a fever growing out of the handling that he had gone through at Macdonald's place. Banjo had arrived at the ranch the previous evening.

So when a new situation presented itself he seized with wonderful rapidity every phase and possibility opened by changed conditions. The moment he learned from Lafayette that the French succors were actually on the way, he began to lay out plans in a manner which showed how he had taken in at the first glance every chance and every contingency.

Of course, it must not be supposed that everyone who seized the chance to feather his nest was so careless or so impolitic as to let himself be classed as a "disloyal." An incident of the autumn of 1861 shows the temper of those professed "loyals" who were really parasites.

He smiled at me in the dim lantern light and went below. I remained pacing the deck for another hour. Once or twice I looked over the side and saw the boat swinging below our stern. Now, the poop of the Spanish ship was of a more than usual height, and I foresaw that I should have some difficulty in getting into the boat, and run a fair chance of drowning.