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The effect was of entering a warm, genial atmosphere, where grace and good-will were on every side; a change very noticeable from the cold and careless habit of things upstairs. And grace is not a misapplied epithet; for these children of a luxurious and beauty-loving race, even in their bondage, had not forgotten all traces of their origin.

'He either falls into careless habits of accuracy, or takes to frequenting the society of the aged and the well-informed.

So saying, the old man pointed to a noble courser, champing his bit proudly, among the other horses. He then went towards him, caressed him, and, this moment of weakness over, his countenance recovered its habitual serenity. As he recovered his calmness, he renewed his predictions, careless of the terror he excited in others.

A stream of blood was gushing from below his left arm. "Now the gods of heaven and hell, and all the strange gods that have no resting place, and all the spirits of the air and earth and sea, defile your spirit!" Commodus exploded. "Careless, irresponsible, ungrateful fool! You have deprived me of my liberty!

It was quite evident to the most careless observer that, whatever might be the usual temperaments of the boy and girl, their present state of mind was not joyous, but on the contrary, very sad. "It won't do, sister Kate," said Charley. "I've tried him over and over again I've implored, begged, and entreated him to let me go; but he won't, and I'm determined to run away, so there's an end of it!"

I measured her stature and calculated her strength She seemed both tall and wiry; but, so the conflict were brief and the attack unexpected, I thought I might manage her. Advancing up the room, looking as cool and careless as I possibly could, in short, ayant l'air de rien, I slightly pushed the door and found it was ajar. In an instant, and with sharpness, I had turned on her.

"Indeed it is," said Patty, remembering a certain careless waitress at Mrs. Elliott's. "Have you any references?" "No," said the girl, smiling; "you see, I've never lived anywhere except home, and I suppose mother's reference wouldn't count." "It would with me," said Patty decidedly. "I think your mother ought to know more about you than anybody else. What would she say if I asked her?"

Jack knew these little men in blue kilts to be brave to desperation, utterly careless of life, either their own or another's, and he braced himself once more for the struggle. But this time the Kachins came on in different order, and in a different fashion.

She is not an accomplished artist, certainly, as yet; but there is always an air in every careless figure she draws, as it were of upward aspiration, the elan of John of Bologna's Mercury, a lift to them, as if they had on winged sandals, like the herald of the gods.

Sometimes the trigger will catch on a coat button or a twig, and, bang! an unexpected discharge takes place and if you were careless just for an instant, it may cost some one his life. Especial care must be taken in loading and unloading a gun. It is at this time that a gun is most likely to go off unexpectedly. The best way to learn how to handle a gun is to watch the methods of an old hand.