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Spinola himself followed hard upon the latest messengers, and was received with ovations. Never, since the days of Alexander Farnese, had a general at the Spanish court been more cordially caressed or hated. Had Philip the Prudent been still upon the throne, he would have felt it his duty to make immediate arrangements for poisoning him.

I was in deep mourning. She took me on her knee, and tried to console me, saying that she would be a mother to me, and would find me a husband. I wept, and said that I did not wish to marry. Not at present, replied her Majesty, I but that will come; be sure of it. I was, however, by no means persuaded that this would be the case. She caressed me a while longer, and I withdrew.

I am so sorry about last night!" Charlotte buried her face in her aunt's lap. "Don't cry, dear. It is all over, then, and we will forget it." Miss Virginia caressed the brown head. "But I am so ashamed. It hurts I can't forget." "Well, dear, perhaps you had some excuse.

The bear, however, caressed his new friend, and tried to prevail upon him to eat a part of the supper which had been brought the previous evening, and which seemed untouched. Bruin is famous for hugging his enemies so desperately, that they are glad to get clear of him. But in these hugging fights, he sometimes gets the worst of it, as in the following instance.

I am a burden, but I cannot live without you, for you are my world. Do not desert me." She groped her way to him and clung to his strong arm as if it was her only stay. Paul drew her close, saying wistfully, as he caressed the beautiful sightless face leaning on his shoulder, "Mia cara, would it break your heart, if at the last hour I gave up all and let the word remain unspoken?

As Robert, in the bed, listened in silence, she went up to him and shook him: "Then it's all the same to you if I carry on with Pradel?" "No, my dear, it would not be all the same to me. But nothing I might say would prevent it." Bending over him, she caressed him ardently, pretending to threaten and to punish him; and she cried: "Then you don't really love me, that you are not jealous.

But if anyone were fain of this meeting, the Alderman was glad above all, when he took the Bride once more in his arms, and caressed her whom he had deemed should be a very daughter of his House.

They are all withered in my garden, and I do not like to go there any more, for there are no more bouquets to pluck for my dear mamma queen. Mamma, this is my bouquet." And he kissed and caressed the queen afresh, and brought a glow to her eyes and a smile to her lips. "Come now, my child, you see that the abbe is waiting, and I believe it is time for the study-hours to begin.

Harcourt had company, to be admired and caressed by the fashionable circle; her ringlets and her lively nonsense were the never-failing means of attracting attention from visitors.

It was known by that quick, prophetic sense which reveals to the heart of woman the first variation in the pulse of affection, though it be so slight that no other touch can detect it. Edward was still fond, affectionate, admiring; and when he tendered her all the little attentions demanded by her situation, or caressed and praised his beautiful son, she felt satisfied and happy.

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