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It must be conceded that none of the things subjected to internal-revenue taxation are, strictly speaking, necessaries. There appears to be no just complaint of this taxation by the consumers of these articles, and there seems to be nothing so well able to bear the burden without hardship to any portion of the people.

LIKE certain others of the illustrious personages who flourished in his time, Girolamo Cardano, or, as he has become to us by the unwritten law of nomenclature, Jerome Cardan, was fated to suffer the burden and obloquy of bastardy.

Demeré fell at the first fire with three other officers and twenty-seven soldiers. Again and again, from the unseen enemy masked by the forest, the women and children, the humble beasts of burden, fleeing wildly from side to side of the space, the soldiers and the backwoodsmen, all received this fusillade.

They had not yet passed by the church it must be still in front of them and with the horse and its burden by their side the friends walked on. When Ralph found voice to speak, he said, "Wednesday then it is three weeks to-day since we lost her, and for three weeks my father has waited sepulture!" Presently they came within sight of a rude chapel that stood at the meeting of two roads.

There!" said Miss Jemima, as if she had wanted to relieve her bosom of a burden, and had done it. "I think, however, her religious opinions would correspond with your own, Mr Walton," said Miss Hester. "Possibly," I answered, with indifference; "I don't care much about opinion." "Her daughter would be a nice girl, I fancy, if she weren't kept down by her mother. She looks scared, poor thing!

So now, our wits quickened by our peril, we took a scimitar and a dirk from a dead janizary, to cut away the cordage that lashed us to the fallen mast, to free us of that burden and right the ship if we might.

We did not expect from them material aid. They are too small to give it. But though for many years we have been friends, helping them time and time again in their days of need, they have forgotten us. From them we looked for the touch of sympathy, the firm grasp of the hand, the friendly word of encouragement, and we looked in vain. Not even to the woman came a single line to lighten her burden.

He smiled through the trap door, as they came in sight, and said, "Be very careful of the young lady, Bog. Mind, now, how the young lady steps." Bog jumped through the trap door into the cupola. Then he lowered a hand to Pet, and Uncle Ith lent her the same assistance, and the two raised the precious burden to a place of safety.

O schoolmasters if any of you read this book bear in mind when any particularly timid drivelling urchin is brought by his papa into your study, and you treat him with the contempt which he deserves, and afterwards make his life a burden to him for years bear in mind that it is exactly in the disguise of such a boy as this that your future chronicler will appear.

She saw into the heart of things, and like a reasonable being, which she was, resolved to rid herself of the burden. We discussed the whole question in the next room; and I remember I was surprised to find that she was in no wise deceived by the casual fallacy of the fools who say that the good times compensate for the bad. Ah! how little they understand!