"Why shouldn't he go there as well as you or any one else?" "Oh, nothing in that, only I thought maybe you'd be interested." "So I am in a way, as I thought that Mr. Randall was up at the falls. He seldom goes to the city, so I understand, but attends strictly to business." "I guess he was doing that all right at the Sign of the Maple. He seemed to be so busy that he forgot to eat."

In respect of ownership indeed the private means of the monarch remained, of course, strictly separate from the property of the state; but Caesar took in hand the administration of the whole financial and monetary system of the state, and conducted it entirely in the way in which he and the Roman grandees generally were wont to manage the administration of their own means and substance.

Its relation to the other states in the Union was strictly defined, so that it had no foreign policy and responsibilities corresponding to its purely domestic ones.

The emperor at first intended to act strictly according to the programme of the conspirators; take the ride with his suite, and not permit me to come to his assistance, with a few trustworthy assistants, until after he had entered the hut and been captured.

He seems to think that the sky is one great burning lens, and his machine-rooms and the city a vast powder-magazine. There are certain articles thought to be especially dangerous. Newspapers are strictly forbidden, unless first steeped in a tincture of asbestos of a very dull color, expressly manufactured and supplied by the Governing Machine.

The allowance of Salt Beef and Pork was abridged from nearly the beginning of the voyage, and the usual custom of the sailors mixing the Salt Beef fat with the flour was strictly forbidden.

Order and rule were with Jackson observed from habit, and were strictly enforced by him on all the natives employed in the factory. Although I have said the country looked as if uninhabited, there were numerous villages hidden away in the long grass and brushwood, invisible at a distance, being huts of thatch or mud, and not so high as the grass among which they were placed.

Never before was there such a lenient barb on such a well-aimed arrow. But if his business is not with the causes which contributed to the character of English Society in his time, it is with their effects. No satirist has ever put more highly representative figures on to his stage. They are so highly representative because they conform so strictly to type.

"It's about the cook stove; Teeters wants to foreclose the mortgage." She regarded him fixedly, turned, and started for the kitchen. She knew that he was lying. One of the things which Mrs. Abram Pantin's worst enemy would have had to admit in her favor was that, strictly speaking, she was not a gossip, though this virtue was due as much to policy as to principle.

I want to make them love the natural story which you make them hate; and that is why, while keeping strictly to the domain of truth, I avoid your scientific prose, which too often, alas, seems borrowed from some Iroquois idiom!