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"Come on now, we'll start and walk on the snow, and we'll s'prise Daddy and Mother," cried Russ. He did manage to glide over the snow, the broad, long barrel staves keeping him from sinking in the soft drifts. Laddie did not do quite so well, but he managed to get along.

"You must take care of her, Tom," said the dying man, turning to his daughter. "You'll manage to pay for a brick grave, Tom, so as your mother and me can lie together? This world's...too many...honest man..." At last there was total stillness, and poor Tulliver's dimly lighted soul had ceased to be vexed with the painful riddle of this world.

"There is a note for you, Ada, on the chimney-piece; it came just after you went out." "Why, it is from Mrs. Burnett!" pouncing on it and tearing it open. "What shall I do?" she almost screamed as she read it. "I am afraid I shall never get there in time. What o'clock is it? my watch is never right. Half-past twelve, and luncheon is at half-past one. Oh, I must manage it! Read that, dear. Jane!

At first there was much constraint between Agnes and Maddy, but with Guy to manage, it soon wore away, and Agnes felt herself exceedingly amiable when she reflected how gracious she had been to her rival. But Maddy could not so soon forget.

"Let me get in first," said Tom, putting some straw on the step. He got into the cart, and he gently pulled her up, relinquishing her very carefully, and, in fact, not until after his assistance was no longer needed. "How DID you manage it?" "You know how these things happen: it was all-over in a minute: how are father and mother?" "They are very well." There was a pause for a minute or two.

Was he dreaming? He had his hands on hers, holding it with a grip of a strong man stirred to the depths, crushing the fingers one on the other, but there was no waver in the eyes that looked with so much entreaty into his. "Leave me now before he sees you, before he gets here. I can manage him best alone. Look, he is hastening. Oh, don't wait. Ride away into the bush.

He got up and walked to the window, standing with his back to her. She wondered if she had said too much; his back looked uncompromising. She did not realize that she could never say too much in the defense of Claire. Then he said, without looking round: "We shall have to manage somehow." It occurred to Miss Marley, with a wave of reassurance, that this was probably Winn's usual way of managing.

James Hayley looked surprised, but to her great relief, he allowed the stranger to slip by, and Anna for a moment watched the little man walking off at a smart pace towards the gate house. She wondered how she could manage to send him a message when the tiresome, inquisitive Mr. Hayley had gone. "But whose motor is that?" Mr. Hayley went on, in a puzzled tone.

Menteith, though merely outlined, is a good fellow, a gentleman, and not a stick; Allan escapes the merely melodramatic; 'Gillespie Grumach' is masterly in his brief appearances; and Montrose himself seems to me to be brought in with a skill which has too often escaped notice. For it would mar the story to deal with the tragedy of his end, and his earlier history is a little awkward to manage.

It was a sham one on the part of Zany, as the girl well knew, for Chunk's "tootin'" was missed terribly. Mr. and Mrs. Baron at first refused point-blank to hear of his returning. "Uncle," said his ward gravely, "is only your property at stake? I can manage Chunk, and through him perhaps get others.

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