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I inquired, while cooling my pot of coffee, and eating my cake of bread, seasoned with a small piece of salt pork, which I had broiled on a stick. "Not very soundly, I must confess, yet I think that I can get through the day without a siesta. By the way, how you do snore!" "Do?" I asked, "I didn't know that you was sufficiently awake during the night to discover the fact. But a truce to jesting.

Besides, I saw my work before me did run in another channel, even to carry an awakening word; to that therefore did I stick and adhere.

I had no strength to hold on or to grasp the stick, and might have been thrown helplessly about like a shuttlecock till life was extinct. I fancy that some time must have passed. When I recovered my senses, my first impulse was to feel for the stick. It was close to me. I had power to grasp it.

It's a terrible bore, don't you think?" "Yes, Miss Rogers. And now " "Back to that awful crime again, aren't you? It's simply sugary the way you great detectives stick to one subject. I can do it, too, when I have to. I took some lessons once in power of will concentration and all that sort of thing.

You've always wanted to be a hero, haven't you? Well, the first chance I get I'll nickname you 'Hero' Jinks, and it'll stick, I'll answer for it!" "Oh! thank you," said Sam. "Now, good-by. I'll come in for you to-morrow and take you in to see our war editor. He's a daisy. So long."

The traps are just beyond that mound; so look out, and don't stick your feet into them." "Hist!" exclaimed Harry, laying his hand suddenly on his companion's arm. "Do you see that?" pointing towards the place where the traps were said to be. "You have sharp eyes, younker. I do see it, now that you point it out. It's a fox, and caught, too, as I'm a scrivener."

"Let's go there, just the same," said Stuart, "I don't want to be under obligations. I'd rather pay my way." The negro shrugged his shoulders and, in a few minutes, the car stopped at the preacher's house. As the driver had suggested, Brother Fliss "stick close to de money" and his charge was high.

"I will accept the crown when the dry rod in my hand grows green again,—and not till then." The good old husbandman fancied that he had fairly settled the question, but miracle defeated his purpose. To his utter surprise and their deep astonishment the dry stick which he thrust into the ground at once became a green plant, fresh leaves breaking out on its upper end.

"Ay," he said, addressing Lord Shoreby, "here is a hate that followeth hard and close upon my heels. This black stick, or its just likeness, shall yet bring me down. And, gossip, suffer a plain knight to counsel you; and if these hounds begin to wind you, flee! 'Tis like a sickness it still hangeth, hangeth upon the limbs. But let us see what they have written.

This had frightened me so that I would not come without my stick to look at it; for the front was inlaid with two fiery dragons, and a glass which distorted everything, making even Annie look hideous; and when it was opened, a woman's skeleton, all in white, revealed itself, in the midst of three standing women.