Hist. of Creat.," he, in a geological scala, which closes with the human period, even divides the whole past, present, and future history of mankind into two halves: first part, dualistic period of culture; second part, monistic period of culture.

The schools in this sense means a University. See ante, ii.224. Up to the year 1770, controverted elections had been tried before a Committee of the whole House. By the Grenville Act which was passed in that year they were tried by a select committee. Parl. Hist. xvi. 902.

Sez he, "Jest let some folks that I know try to git in, wouldn't I jest hist up the drawbridge and drop 'em outside?" And I sez, "Heaven knows, Josiah, that sech a thing would be convenient ofttimes, but," sez I, "anxieties and annoyances have a way of swimmin' moats, you can't keep 'em out." But he said "that he believed that he and Ury could dig a moat, and rig up a drawbridge."

The kingdom of Ur passed to Awan. In Awan . . . Cf. Hist. of Bab., p. 159 f. Gen. xiv. 18. The restoration of Erech here, in place of Eanna, is based on the absence of the latter name in the summary; after the building of Erech by Enmerkar, the kingdom was probably reckoned as that of Erech.

The Solicitor-General has brought a bill into Parliament for this purpose. The penalties for holding a meeting were £200 for the master of the house, £100 for the moderator of the meeting, and £50 for each of the servants at the door. Parl. Hist. xxii. 262, 279. St. Matthew, xxvii. 52. I Corinthians, xv. 37.

The old earl of Pembroke, in particular, who was one of them, he congratulated on his strength and vigor, that he was still able, during such a season, to perform so long a journey, in company with so many young people. On his journey, the whole country flocked to behold him, moved partly by curiosity, partly by compassion and affection. * Parl. Hist. vol. xv. p. 243, 244.

See also Butterfield's Discovery of the Northwest in 1634, and Mag. West. Hist., V., 468, 630; and Minn. Hist. Hist. Hist. Hist. Rels.; Narr. and Crit.

"Down to the grounds, and then by a long winding alley through the private gardens to the riverside." "Hist!" whispered Leoni. "No more, boy, for your words have seemed to burn. Ah, it is strange! The workings too of fate. What I have striven for in vain has come to you without seeking, without thought. It is fate, boy, fate.

Browning had borne so much that nothing startled him now, and returning her glance unflinchingly, he replied, "I have." "How, then is Marie dead?" the lady asked. "Not to my knowledge but hist," was the reply, as Mr. Browning nodded toward the hall, where a rustling movement was heard.

THE COUNTY IN ITS BEGINNINGS. This subject is treated in connection with the township in several of the books above mentioned. See especially Howard, Local Const. Hist. Section 2. Section 3. THE OLD VIRGINIA COUNTY. The best account is in J.H.U. Studies, III., ii.-iii. Edward Ingle, Virginia Local Institutions. Section 1. Various Local Systems.