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Deigning no reply to any one, Ben rode away, wishing he could leap a yawning gulf, scale a precipice, or ford a raging torrent, to prove his devotion to Miss Celia, and his skill in horsemanship. But no dangers beset his path, and he found the doctor pausing to water his tired horse at the very trough where Bab and Sancho had been discovered on that ever-memorable day.

He wishes me to thank you for it, and to reciprocate, fully and to each and every one of you, the warm greetings and good wishes which you have been moved to extend to him on the occasion to the celebration of the birthday of the Báb.

Damascus is surnamed by theologians Bab el Kaaba, Gate of the Caaba; and there or at Bagdad, the traditional city of the Caliphs, he would build up once more a purely theocratic empire. Such, they say, is his thought; and such doubtless would be the empire of the future that Mussulmans would choose.

The Báb had no less significantly extolled Him as theEssence of Being,” as theRemnant of God,” as theOmnipotent Master,” as theCrimson, all-encompassing Light,” asLord of the visible and invisible,” as thesole Object of all previous Revelations, including The Revelation of the Qá’im Himself.” He had formally designated Him asHe Whom God shall make manifest,” had alluded to Him as theAbhá Horizonwherein He Himself lived and dwelt, had specifically recorded His title, and eulogized HisOrderin His best-known work, the Persian Bayán, had disclosed His name through His allusion to theSon of ‘Alí, a true and undoubted Leader of men,” had, repeatedly, orally and in writing, fixed, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the time of His Revelation, and warned His followers lestthe Bayán and all that hath been revealed thereinshouldshut them out as by a veilfrom Him.

"I did not mean to offend you," she said, growing a little paler, but at the same time more rigid. "What sort of mother do you take me for? Offended, indeed! Would you be all honey, I should like to know, if I had the assurance, to say such a thing of one of your girls?" "I spoke as to a mother who knew what girls are like!" "You don't know what my girl Bab is like!" cried Mrs.

The search now being conducted for the purpose of identifying the resting-places of the Father of Bahá’u’lláh, of the Mother and the Cousin of the Báb must be pursued with the utmost diligence and circumspection.

"Father," I said, "while you are raging about over such a thing as a wet Sponge, which I was driven to in desparation, the house is or rather has been robbed." He then sat down on the bed and said: "You are growing up, Bab, although it is early for the burglar obsession. Go on, though. Who is robbing us and why? Because if he finds any Money I'll divide with him."

Three corner panels bearing symbol of ringstone erected, presaging completion of both parapet and arcade on the occasion of approaching Centenary of martyrdom of the Blessed Báb.

The Báb indicated that in the New Dispensation women would be relieved from this irksome restraint, but Bahá’u’lláh counsels His followers, where no important question of morality is involved, to defer to established customs until people become enlightened, rather than scandalize those amongst whom they live, and arouse needless antagonism.

On Dayyán He conferred the title ofthe third Letter to believe in Him Whom God shall make manifest,” while to Aẓím He divulged, in the Kitáb-i-Panj-Sha’n, the name, and announced the approaching advent, of Him Who was to consummate His own Revelation. A successor or vicegerent the Báb never named, an interpreter of His teachings He refrained from appointing.