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It is altogether too rashly assumed by people whose sentimentality outruns their knowledge that Christianity is essentially an attempt to carry out the personal teachings of Christ. It is nothing of the sort, and no church authority will support that idea.

Apart from the support thus lent to the efforts to secure effective intervention at the Human Rights Commission, such publicity had the effect of introducing, usually for the first time and to an audience of tens of millions of people, accurate and appreciative information about Bahá’í teachings and belief.

There are so many wrong teachings and biased ideas in the premises that these had to be counteracted or removed, to a degree, at least, before the rest of the copy could be rightly read. My experience is, that the preface, as it stands, has been the means of putting the readers of the book into a right mental attitude for its successful study and consideration.

It was partly with this thought that the Patriarch had striven to interest Caterina in these incidents of early Christianity; and partly from his undefined dread as to what the future might hold for her, with the wish to keep the Church and its teachings uppermost in her mind, that she might lean upon them in need.

My father himself belonged to the school of Epicurus, and succeeded far beyond his expectations in rousing Cleopatra's interest in his master's teachings. She had been made acquainted with the other great philosophers also, but always returned to Epicurus, and induced the rest of us to live with her as a true disciple of the noble Samian.

One cannot read Dostoevski and Tolstoi without thinking of the truth of Gogol's declaration. All the philosophy and wisdom of the world have never improved on the teachings of the Founder of Christianity.

Despite the teachings of the dictionaries which often give us the original and obsolete meaning of words we maintain that romance signifies the human soul's aspirations after the high, and the grand, and the good. In its fallen condition the poor soul undoubtedly makes wondrous mistakes in its romantic strainings, but these mistakes are comparatively seldom on the side of exaggeration.

It would tear away the old boundaries of his mind it might wipe out the banks you have set down for him it might tear away the choicest teachings." Father Victor sat straight and stiff with stern, set lips. He said dryly: "Father Anthony has been much in the world." "I speak from the best intention, good father.

Their faith finds abundant authority in the Bible, in the example of God's chosen people. When learned ecclesiastics teach the people that they can safely take that book as the guide of their lives, they must expect them to follow the letter and the specific teachings that lie on the surface.

More difficult is it for men to receive the Divine Promise made unto men than to receive all other teachings. The Lord Buddha teacheth that this is of all hard things most difficult and yet again more difficult.

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