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The warm hospitality accorded by the National Spiritual Assembly and the American believers to my dear cousin and collaborator, Ruhi Effendi, has deeply touched me, particularly as I realize from the appreciative reports I have recently received that by his radiant and earnest spirit of service he has deserved well of his dear fellow-workers in that continent, and contributed substantially to their better appreciation of the Teachings of the Cause.

"That's a heap better, Edwards," he said eagerly. "Now see if you can't do it just right the next time." After that it seemed to Marvin that Steve tried harder and it seemed to Steve that the little quarter-back was more appreciative. On Tuesday, as the squad jogged away from the tackling pit, Marvin said: "Edwards, let me see you after practice, will you?"

Joan drew a deep breath, which seemed to reach her stifling soul and revive it; a softness came into her face, a light of appreciative thankfulness into her eyes. She reined closer to Reid, eager now to hear the rest of the melancholy story. "You took the gun away from Swan; I saw it in his scabbard down there. Did you have to did you have to do anything to Carlson, Earl?"

It was much as a faithful dog would wag his tail and snuggle up for a pat of the hand. She smiled straight into his eyes a frank, appreciative smile, as though an intimate camaraderie existed between them, and would never be violated by either. She would have been in danger had she smiled that way at some men; they would not have remained quiescent.

The niggers sang and danced, and made faces, while the people looked on with appreciative gravity, like royalty listening to de Reské, and they were very generous of applause and halfpence at the end of the performance.

But yet there was a colour in her cheeks, as we often see in those of wandering gipsies, which would make a man stop to regard her who had eyes appreciative of beauty.

This sympathetic visitor made several appreciative remarks about the house and garden, and then, just as he had dipped his pen into the ink, he remarked: "Rather a tempting house for burglars, I should think if such people existed in these peaceable parts." "Oh, but they do, sir," she assured him. "We had one in this very house one night!"

Thus the Tarsal Tachytes, an appreciative epicure of tender flesh, would not consent to replace her pinch of young Acridian-grubs with the one big Locust that forms the food of Panzer's Tachytes; and the latter, in her turn, would never exchange her adult Acridian for the other's menu of small fry.

After another appreciative scrutiny he added: "There's mighty few women as well worth looking at, and I'm obliged to you for letting me have the chance again." Undine's brows drew together, but she softened her frown to a quivering smile. "I'm glad to see you too, Elmer I am, REALLY!" He returned her smile while his glance continued to study her humorously. "You didn't betray the fact last night.

"You and mother; you want it just that way." "How did you know it was mother?" she asked, turning to him with a quick, appreciative little start. "You're the kind of a woman who has a mother," he answered. "Mothers leave their stamp on women like you." "Thank you," said she.