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I wish I could scare them to death, so they would treat their niggers like human beings." "Well, you've got her out of the way long enough to get Winnie's sacque out of sight before our Joe comes in, for he's so mighty careful for fear we'll get into trouble; I know he'd scold if he knew it." Strange position I was occupying, here among the most cruel of slave- holders.

I suggested he was having a hard time. "If we remained in Paris," he said, "we all had to help. It was a choice between volunteering to aid Mr. Herrick at the embassy or Mrs. Herrick at the American Ambulance Hospital and tending wounded Turcos. But between soothing terrified Americans and washing niggers, I'm sorry now I didn't choose the hospital."

They know where the polls is, and they know how to vote blast the Australian ballot system! The most that can be done is to keep 'em away from the polls." "Can't you git 'em out of town in the morning?" "D'you reckon I ain't tried that? No, sir! That Dago wouldn't take a pass to heaven! Everything else is all right. Doc Morgan's niggers stays right here and votes.

She had not thought of him as a possible protector. "Why, Miss Betty, ain't I told you he ain't afraid of nothing? We could walk to Raleigh easy if you don't want your niggers to hook up a team for you." Betty suddenly remembered the carriage which had taken the judge into town; she was sure it had not yet returned. "We will go to the judge, Hannibal!

I thing you will go, et I thing Miguel will go, et Joe everybody, I thing mais, hof course, not if they not have been christen'. Even I thing some niggers will go." "Jools," said the parson, stopping in his walk "Jools, I DON'T want to lose my niggah." "You will not loose him. With Baptiste he CANNOT ged loose." But Colossus's master was not reassured.

The men of this class wore their shreds and patches with an easy swing, doffed their wool hats to white men as they passed, called themselves niggers or darkies as a matter of course, took the joys and sorrows of the day as they came, improvised words to the music of their work, and customarily murdered the Queen's English, all with a true if humble nonchalance and a freedom from carking care.

Take this old woods road along Broad Creek and walk to Laurel, five miles; it's a little town on the creek. Keep in under the woods, but don't lose the road, fur every foot of it's dangerous to niggers. You kin git thar, maybe, by dark. I don't know nobody thar, Mary, an' I can't write, fur I never learned how. But you go right to the house of some preacher of the Gospel, and tell him a lie."

"It cannot last much longer," he thought; "even if rain came within a week the rest of the poor brutes left alive will be too weak to recover and there's not hands enough on the station to cut leaves for them. Even the blacks have cleared out lower down the river... found a good water-hole I daresay, and, like wise niggers, are camping there.

Felix, he knows I ain't no bad nigger." "Why don't you go home, instead of hiding out in the woods?" said Kitty, striving to speak in a properly indignant tone. "Bless yo' soul, Miss Kitty, hit ain't no home fer me," said Blue Dave, sadly. "Hit mought be a home fer some niggers, but hit ain't no home fer me. I year somebody comin'. Good-bye, Miss Kitty; don't fergit 'bout Mars. George."

"No more there are any," said Bill, "if ye except the niggers themselves, there's none on the islands, but a lizard or two and some sich harmless things. But I never seed any myself. If there's none on the land, however, there's more than enough in the water, and that minds me of a wonderful brute they have here. But, come, I'll show it to you."