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"Then let us get some grog aboard, and die like men," cried some of the crew. "Die like brutes, you mean, my lads!" exclaimed the old master. "No, no, we will have none of that. Let us see what we can do to save our lives. What, do you call yourselves British seamen, and talk of giving in like cowards!

"No, because you will go in command of an impi and show them otherwise." "I cannot go; your brutes of captains have hurt my head, and lamed me; I cannot walk or ride." "Then you can be carried in a litter, or," he added threateningly, "you can abide here with the vultures.

This seemed the unkindest cut of all, and as soon as the boys had gone racing down into the yard, where Dicksee gave vent to a loud "Cock-a-doodle-doo," I slowly rose to my feet and faced Mercer, who was gazing straight before him. "I say," I panted, for I was breathless still, "did I win?" "You? No," he cried savagely. "You can't fight any more than I can, and the brutes have beaten us both.

Let's draw off a bit and have a look at one of those dead brutes out yonder. I rather want to examine one; for I guess this is an entirely new species of monkey." "They look to me very much like gorillas," remarked Dick. "They do," agreed Earle. "But, all the same, they are not gorillas. There are no gorillas on this continent, so far as is known. The gorilla is, I believe, peculiar to Africa.

As serious as an orchestra leader, he would absorb the discordant harmony, and direct and strengthen its emission; but when the brutes were let loose and the howling band tore one another to pieces, he would be in a frenzy of enthusiasm and delight.

When a Mongol "starts anything" he is sure to finish it; he is not like a Chinese, who will usually run at the first shot. We stood for at least three minutes with that wall of scowling brutes ten feet away. They were undecided what to do and were only waiting for a leader to close in.

Meanwhile, they say they're sorry, but they won't move, and the rest of us must fare the best we can." "Can't the lock-keeper do anything?" I asked. "He can swear." Alb smiled; and I believe there was something in him that sympathized with the two obstinate brutes.

I once helped the P.M.O. at Berbera to tend some half-dozen poor wretches who had been frightfully mauled during the night on the outskirts of the town itself and probably by the same hyæna. The hot weather had induced many folk to sleep outside their stifling huts and they will not take the trouble to collect and build up a few thorny bushes to keep the brutes off.

"I tell you there is a good deal more in the heads of brutes than many of us think," said Nick Ribsam, after he had studied the actions of the hound; "I believe he wanted to make us believe there was some sort of game out there so as to play the fool with us." "Do you think he foresaw the trick of the hog?" asked Herbert, who was rubbing his bruised elbows and knees.

How could they risk even a thrust when he had those huge brutes, with their fierce and bloodshot eyes, and their square heads, whose jaws were like a vise, with enormous white teeth, that were as sharp as daggers, and whose huge molars crunched up beef-bones to a pulp with them?