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An orchestra is also to be placed at my disposition. N.B. As member of a theatrical association, the title need not be insisted on, as it can produce nothing but annoyance. With regard to the Imperial service, I think that point requires delicate handling, and not less so the solicitation for the title of Imperial Kapellmeister.

Tom Blake had preferred a free pass to the gallery. One by one the members of the orchestra took their places for the overture, and it was to the appropriate strains of "Land of Hope and Glory" that the curtain rose on the first act of my play. That is why, as soon as the lights went up, I levelled my glasses at the eyes of the critics.

And she waved her cigarette to the waiter in demand for the bill. It was after the orchestra had finished a tango, and while Tommy was examining the bill, that the first violin and leader, in a magenta coat, approached the table, and with a bow offered his violin deferentially to Musa. Many heads turned to watch what would happen.

After several blocks, when her absent-mindedness had got her legs wet to the knees in the shallow shiny slush, she was roused by the sound of music an orchestra playing and playing well a lively Hungarian dance. She was standing before the winter garden from which the sounds came.

If William B. Astor lacked the courage and initiative of his parent, he had more culture, and spoke English without an accent. The son of John Jacob Astor second, is William Waldorf Astor, who speaks English with an English accent, you know. John Jacob Astor, besides having the first store for the sale of musical instruments in America, organized the first orchestra of over twelve players.

"In our times of Democracy when the "competitive" principle has replaced the "hereditary," not the kings, princes and nobles, but bankers, merchants, railroad magnates, capitalists, politicians, editors, educators, writers and artists occupy the high seats, hold the baton and beat the time for the great social orchestra."

Now, however, the show had closed, the hall had been cleared of chairs and canvas, exposing a glassy, tempting surface, and the orchestra had moved to the stage. They played a rollicking, blood- stirring two-step, while the floor swam with dancers.

=Music and life.= Having a sensory foundation capable of reacting to the best music, this man opens wide the portals of his world for the reception of the orchestra, the concert, the opera, and the choir, and his spirit revels in the "concord of sweet sounds."

Newel, and his wife, and in the evening there was a large attendance at an "American concert" given by the orchestra at the great hall in Scheveningen. July 5.

There are in the music of the violin if one does not see the instrument itself, and so cannot relate what one hears to its form, which modifies the fullness of the sound accents which are so closely akin to those of certain contralto voices, that one has the illusion that a singer has taken her place amid the orchestra.