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The gate-keeper and his wife, obedient to the prefect's warning, had remained up, and as soon as the singer heard the chariot approaching which bore the Emperor, he hastened to open the palace-gates. The broken-up pavement and the swarms of men engaged in repairing it, obliged Titianus and his companions to quit the chariot here and to pass close to the little gate-house.

The cord loses its elasticity. It refuses to respond. It will neither act nor will it consent to be acted upon. It is in a state of collapse, and the voice for singing purposes has gone, never to return. Let me illustrate what rest will do for a node. A singer came to me with a node of three months' standing, on the left cord.

The body must serve the singer's purposes freely and must acquire no bad habits. The singer's self-possession is reflected in a feeling of satisfaction on the part of the listener. The quieter the singer or artist, the more significant is every expression he gives; the fewer motions he makes, the more importance they have. So he can scarcely be quiet enough.

And then, after a little, the lady began to sing; and Betty drew in one deep breath after another. It must be an angel, surely! and yet there was something in the fresh holland dress and shady hat of the singer this afternoon that seemed hardly suitable for an angel's apparel.

To obtain an interview with the singer was not very easy: the doorman below said that it looked as if Ellena Victorovna was not at home; while her own personal maid, who came out in answer to Tamara's knocking, declared that madam had a headache, and that she was not receiving any one.

He strolled from a corner of the saloon to the side of Gray, the American engineer, and said, with a contemptuous nod towards the singer: "What rot!" "Not a bit of it. He's all right. Won't you give us a song next?" If Gray showed the face of a sphinx, so did "Mr. Wood," whose real name was Tollemache. He bent a little nearer. "Seen the rockets?" he asked. "No. Are we signaling?" "Every minute.

Did he merely want to tempt her from the vessel so as to clear the way for his young master? No for he handed her a tablet on which there was a written message, and she, an Alexandrian, had been well educated and could read: "Mary, the widow of Apelles, to the wife of Karnis, the singer." And then followed the same urgent request as she had already received by word of mouth.

I could never have been like Nino, though I believe half my pleasure of late has been in fancying how I should feel in his place, and living through his triumphs by my imagination. Nino began at the very beginning, and when all his capital was one shoe and a ragged hat, and certainly not more than a third of a shirt, he said he would be a great singer; and he is, though he is scarcely of age yet.

There was a moment's dramatic hush, in which we could all hear the breathing of the winded horses, and then came the clatter of sword and spurs, as an officer sprang from his saddle. "I want Richard Gordon," the officer called. I responded, "At your service, and badly in need of yours, Captain Singer." "Hope the delay hasn't spoilt things," said the captain.

This point may be aptly illustrated by comparison with a singer under perfectly normal conditions. Then, as is well known, it is the mental impulse that stimulates nerve, muscle and membrane to do their best work.

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