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Those millions are known to be in the train, and they will tempt people to attack us. And an attack, even if repulsed, will mean delay, and delay I will not submit to! No, sir, I will not!" "No one will attack us," replied Popof. "No one will dream of doing it!" "And how do you know that? how do you know that?" "Be calm, pray."

October, the fulness of Autumn, with its cool, clear, bracing air; with its gathered crops, rustling leaves, and golden light: October, when days of furious storm are succeeded by weeks of hazy sunshine and muffled quiet; when the fish are fat but greedy; when quacking seafowl and game of every kind tempt the lovers of good sport Ah! that is the time for boys.

"Well, John, I can't stop and talk with thee all day, it isn't likely; but thou art such a one to tempt talk. I must be off to do something. Good-bye, dear lad, and if thy trouble gets hard on thee and thou wants a word of human love, thy mother always has it ready and waiting for you so she has!" John watched his mother out of sight; then he locked his desk and went about her commission.

When these had been dispatched for steak, for broiled white-fish of the lakes, noblest and delicatest of the fish that swim, for broiled chicken, for fried potatoes, for mums, for whatever the lawless fancy, and ravening appetites of the wayfarers could suggest, this fifth waiter remained to tempt them to further excess, and vainly proposed some kind of eggs, fried eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, or omelette.

His huge body seemed to draw itself together, crouching, as he leaned forward. "Why do you stand there looking as though you thought you were Odin? Do you think to blunt my weapon with your eyes? Why do you tempt me?" The King had not moved away from the chair against which he had staggered, and the prints of his nails were on its arm. He was as though he had hardened to stone.

You shall be my friend, Hugh, and I will be a true friend to you." "Beatrice," he cried, "do not tempt me!" "Yes, be tempted," she said; "let me urge you to be generous, to be noble! See, Hugh, I have never prayed to any man I pray to you; I would kneel here at your feet and beseech you to release me from a promise I never meant to give." Her words touched him.

The external framework of the stock market is here far more likely to tempt the man of small savings into the game, and the mere fact that this form has been demanded by public consciousness suggests that the spirit which craves lotteries is surely not absent in the new world, even though the lottery lists in the European newspapers are blackened over before they are laid out in the American public libraries.

Yet his malice is in the pursuit, and now his boldness will try what it can do with God, either to tempt him to reject his Son's mediation, or to reject them that come to God by him for mercy. And this is one cause among many why 'he ever liveth to make intercession for them that come to God by him.

A Roman farmer might not understand his diction in agriculture; but he made a Roman courtier understand farming, the farming of that age, and could captivate a lord of Augustus's bedchamber, and tempt him to listen to themes of rusticity. On the contrary, Statius and Claudian, though talking of war, would make a soldier despise them as bullies.

Articles of separation and I didn't trust myself to be my own lawyer have been signed between us: so I shall see her ladyship sail for England this night won't let any one have the pleasure of putting her on board but myself I will see her safe off, and feel well assured nothing can tempt her to return even to haunt me or scold you.

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