But he lived to see it amply repaid, even in his own time; how much more amply since; being a man skilful in investments to a high degree indeed. Fancy 150,000 pounds invested there, in the Bank of Nature herself; and a hundred millions invested, say at Balaclava, in the Bank of Newspaper rumor: and the respective rates of interest they will yield, a million years hence!

He is not good to see. He was just one little oh, so little accident, that no one remembered. Now he is THAT! So will you be, brother-soldiers so brave so will you be. But you will never come back. You will all go where he is gone, or' he pointed to the great coffin- shadow on the ceiling, and muttering, 'Seventy millions get a-way, you old peoples, fell asleep.

If any one chooses to say that some wicked antipathy to twelve millions of strangers is the origin of my opinion, I must bear it; and were the question one of mere idle speculation, I certainly would not court the abuse I must meet for stating it. But it is not so.

Do not be afraid of making a mistake. Do not be afraid that you will fail. Suppose you do fail. Millions have failed before you. I am repeating this thought and I wish it would bear repetition on every page. But never admit to yourself that you have failed. Try it again. You will win next time, sure! "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

He felt he wanted to apprehend this vast summer calm about him, that alone of all the things of the day seemed to convey anything whatever of the majestic tragedy that was happening to mankind. As one slipped through this still vigil one could imagine for the first time the millions away there marching, the wide river valleys, villages, cities, mountain-ranges, ports and seas inaudibly busy.

"Three thousand miles!" said the French villager or townsman to himself, as he turned out to see them pass "they have come three thousand miles to beat the Boche. And America is the richest country in the world and there are a hundred millions of them." Hope rose into flood, and with it fresh courage to endure.

For two or more centuries America has marched proudly in the van of human hatred, making bonfires of human flesh and laughing at them hideously, and making the insulting of millions more than a matter of dislike, rather a great religion, a world war-cry: Up white, down black; to your tents, O white folk, and world war with black and parti-colored mongrel beasts!

Of course your family can give you millions in time. But we need cash to-day. That is the trouble." "I suppose the state telegraph is not destroyed because Prince Montevarchi cannot meet his acceptances," observed Orsino.

"You ain't hurt, and you ain't going to be as long as you gentle down and behave yourself." She saw him draw the slicker over his shoulders and move back where the shadows were deep and she could not see him. She heard some animal squall in the woods behind them. She looked up at the stars, millions of them, and brighter than she had ever seen them before.

Father says it's men of that sort that become millionaires. If it is, I can understand why American millionaires are looked down on in other countries." "It's not because of their millions, it's because of their manners," said Edna. "But what would you expect of men who consider money-making the greatest thing in the world?