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"But if I were to fail to carry the game through properly?" I said. She hesitated. "I may fail, too," she said. "And then?" I asked. She looked away. "It would make no difference in the ending. You would go away; and I would make some crazy marriage of political expediency." I straightened up. Maybe she had not been maliciously leading me out.

And that was the last time they went out hunting ptarmigan. This is told of Atdlarneq: that he was a strong man, and if he rowed but a little way out in his kayak, he caught a seal. On no day did he fail to make a catch, and he was never content with only one. But one day when he should have been out hunting seal, he only paddled along close to the shore, making towards the south.

Poor Jarwin! words fail to convey a correct idea of the depth of his despair, for now he saw clearly, as he thought, that perpetual slavery was his doom. Under the influence of the feelings that overwhelmed him he became savage. "Cuff," said he, on the afternoon of the day of his return, "it's all up with you and me, old chap."

It was wonderful to hear him talk about millions, and agios, and discounts, and what Rothschild was doing, and Baring Brothers. "I was better off once, sir," he did not fail to tell everybody who "used the room." "My son, sir, is at this minute chief magistrate of Ramgunge in the Presidency of Bengal, and touching his four thousand rupees per mensem.

'And you are sure that you would not like first to be conducted to your apartments? 'Not yet. I will wait till Dimmock comes; he cannot fail to be here soon. 'Then we will have tea served in father's private room the proprietor's private room, you know. 'Good! he said.

But should they fail in the war of extermination, sickly seasons, epidemics, pestilence, and plague advance in terrific array, and sweep off their thousands and ten thousands.

Every surrounding object was buried in silence save that from the neighboring Dens of the royal steeds, came the sound of the rattle of a chain, or of the stamp of a stallion's hoof. If he risked escaping from the camp now, he could not fail to be seen and stopped.

It appeared to have been written with care and thus was it worded: "My Dear Mother: I am thankful that I am not to look upon the surprise and sorrow you must feel in reading this letter. I hardly know how to rake together and assort what I desire to say, but I will do the best I can, and if you fail to understand me, do not charge it against yourself, but list it with my other faults.

They therefore attempt to regulate their expenditure accordingly, and rather plume themselves than otherwise on the fact that they are firmly resolved to save and lay bye the farthing. They fail in this attempt as a matter of course, and hence the difficulty of making the two ends meet.

He had found the trail of the men who had crossed the Straits before them. He had put Rover on that trail. Rover could not fail to follow. The trail was fresh, only seven hours old. Rover could have followed one as many days old. "Good old Rover," Marian murmured, "good old Rover, a white man's dog." All at once a question came to her mind.