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For he felt no strength now to resist, he felt no wish to conquer, he only prayed that he might lie there and die. It seemed to him that the love which possessed him and tyrannized over his very being was a doom, a curse sent upon him by some malignant fate with whose power it was vain to struggle.

Then he cried aloud to Juno, entreating her: "O Juno, why doth thy son torment me only among all? Why should I be blamed more than others that help the men of Troy? Verily, I will cease from helping them, if he also will cease. Nay, I will swear a great oath that I will keep no more the day of doom from the sons of Troy; no, not when all the city shall be consumed with fire."

Through Hook's teeth came the answer: "You would have to swear, 'Down with the King." Perhaps John had not behaved very well so far, but he shone out now. "Then I refuse," he cried, banging the barrel in front of Hook. "And I refuse," cried Michael. "Rule Britannia!" squeaked Curly. The infuriated pirates buffeted them in the mouth; and Hook roared out, "That seals your doom.

Of one thing he was sure: the leaders of the host of dreams had mocked Meriamun. The man of her vision would never be her love: he had gone to meet his doom at the door of the Chapel Perilous. So Rei hasted on, stumbling in his speed, till he came to the Palace and passed through its halls towards his chamber. At the entrance of her own place he met Meriamun the Queen.

The day suddenly darkened, and we had to seek shelter under rocks from a pitiless mountain shower. I remember lying down in a bed, and getting so feverish that I believed my doom was sealed. My noble young friend sat at my bedside, with a rifle and two pistols, prepared to defend my rest with his life.

I am almost a woman: oh, what is my dreadful doom? to become a woman here among these wolves of men, who meet around my stepfather's tavern to buy the blood and souls of people born free.

Whoever neglects right consideration about his present life, and because he hopes to escape in the end, therefore disregards all precautions in the present: on this man comes the inevitable doom of death.

The very thought of such a fate filled me with horror, and determined me to do all in my power to save myself from so fearful a doom. I was now very tired, and required rest.

Both of these men were aware that they and their troops had committed crimes which would doom them to the scaffold, should the Inca be able to punish them according to their deserts. Indeed it subsequently appeared, that the Inca had heard of their outrages.

"Vain, O persecutor," cried Omar in a loud voice. "Vain are thy tortures against the will power of the son of the Great White Queen, whose veins are filled with royal blood. Tremble at thy doom, a myriad of my race are determined against thee, and thy throne noddeth over thine head. The fiend of darkness is let loose, and the powers of evil shall prevail."

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