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"How doth Mistress Standish find herself to-day? I heard she was but poorly." "Ay, poorly enough," replied the Captain with a shadow chasing the smile from his eyes. "She is hardly strong enough for these shrewd winds and rough adventures. I had done better to leave her in England until we are established somewhere."

Presently another song came from the wood: it was a hymn sung by children's voices, such as one often hears carolled by a troop of little urchins coming home from school. The words fell familiarly on Ida's ears: "Quite through the streets with silver sound, The flood of life doth flow; Upon whose banks on every side The wood of life doth grow.

'How doth the little' and all the rest of it, you know, John. Did you ever learn 'How doth the little, when you went to school, John?" "Not to quite know it," John returned. "I was very near it once. But I should only have spoilt it, I dare say." "Ha, ha!" laughed Dot. She had the blithest little laugh you ever heard. "What a dear old darling of a dunce you are, John, to be sure!"

They are all gone aside, they are become unprofitable together: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. This means that there is not one who doth good in spirit and in truth. Yet, what is serving Him in spirit and in truth but resolving to honour and obey Him, for the love of Himself, without admixture of private self-interest?

And taking another spear, for his own was broken, Sir Lancelot smote down four more knights, and Sir Lavaine a fifth. Then, drawing his sword, Sir Lancelot fought fiercely on the right hand and the left, and unhorsed Sir Safire, Sir Epinogris, and Sir Galleron. "Now, mercy," said Sir Gawain, who sat by King Arthur; "what knight is that who doth such marvellous deeds of arms?

And they stirred up the people, and the elders, and the scribes, and coming upon him, they seized him together, and dragged him to the sanhedrim; and they set up false witnesses, saying, This man doth not cease speaking blasphemous words against this holy place, and the law: for we have heard him affirm, that Jesus the Nazarean, even he, will destroy this place, and change the accustomed ordinances which Moses delivered to us.

Katie's face had lightened up with joy at the sight of "His Majesty," but the moment afterward it clouded over with fear and apprehension at the sight of Ashby. "'Tis conscience doth make cowards of us all," and conscience told her that she had treated Ashby very, very badly, and that he had followed her to make her keep her plighted word. And so she only clung to Harry more closely than ever.

O pacha! doth not Hafiz say, `Every moment you enjoy, count it gain? Who can say what will be the event of any thing?" "Wallab thaib! well said, by Allah! Then why a book, if the book is sealed?" "Yet there are wise men who can read our kismet, and foretell." "Yes, very true; but I have observed that it is not until after an event has happened, that they tell you of it.

The bees that in love's morning rise From tender eyes and lips to drain, In ecstasies of blissful pain, The sweets that bloomed in Paradise. There twines a joy with every care That springs within this sacred ground; But, oh! to give what I have found Doth thrill me with divine despair.

But I do freely declare again, that Satan doth deceive those souls, whom he persuades the new birth is wrought in, by following the light they brought into the world with them; for men as they come into the world, do not receive the Spirit, for it is given to the elect afterwards; neither have all men the Spirit.

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