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"He seems unhurt by the embrace of the anaconda," remarked the recluse, "but probably suffered from the heat of the sun." After this he lifted Arthur in his arms, and bore him up the bank. John and I followed with a shell of water. The contrast between the hot sandy bank and the shady wood was very great. As we again applied the water, Arthur opened his eyes.

Then, to my amazement, my father declared Arthur must stay with us, which he was nothing loath to do. I was cool, as you may suppose, but it was difficult for man or woman to resist Arthur Wynne when he meant to be pleasant; and so, putting my dislike aside, I found myself chatting with him about the war and what not. In fact, he was a guest, and what else could I do?

Here’s three cents for your rubber,” he said, “and five for your pencil, five for the blank book and there’s two dimes I took out of the money-drawer.” Maida did not know what to say. The tears came to her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. Arthur shifted his weight from one foot to the other in intense embarrassment. “I didn’t know it would make you feel as bad as that,” he said.

He saw no harm in it, and now when Arthur Carrollton objected, she was provoked, while at the same time she felt constrained to decline. "Some time, when I know you better, I will explain to you why I do not think it proper for young girls to waltz with everyone," said Mr.

"And to my father write that I knew no fear" his voice grew steadier "and passed out of life glad to have been a brave man's son, and borne even for a few years a godly father's name." "I will write it, Arthur," she said. "And to my mother, Pearl" his voice wavered and broke "my mother...for I was her youngest child...tell her she was my last...and tenderest thought."

At least you can't make it French, however you twist it" "I'm not anxious to twist it. Don't you see, Arthur, she is evidently a Frenchwoman who married a man called Peter Ross; she is the veuve, widow, you know! of the lamented Scotchman. Now do you understand? But it is peculiar." "Very," said Clarges. "When do we start?"

Arthur Young, a famous English traveler who has left us an admirable account of his journeys in France during the years 1787-1789, found much prosperity and contentment, although he gives, too, some forlorn pictures of destitution.

If you and Sir Francis chose and Sir Francis, take my word for it, will refuse you nothing you could put Arthur in a way to advance very considerably in the world, and show the stuff which he has in him. Of what use is that seat in Parliament to Clavering, who scarcely ever shows his face in the House, or speaks a word there?

Take that hat down from your face, and stop your laughing." Pedro obeyed. He placed the bundle on a chair beside the bed, leaned the gun up in one corner, deposited the other articles upon the table, and then pulled out of his pocket a note which he handed to Arthur. "Now take yourself off," commanded that young gentleman.

Keen-eyed observers from abroad, men of the world like Chesterfield, philosophers like Arthur Young, had at different epochs observed the symptoms of social disease and prognosticated the nature of its progress.