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And many of the farmers, who should have been his warmest friends and best customers, were now so attached to their king and country, by bellicose warmth and army contracts, that instead of a guinea for a four-gallon anker, they would offer three crowns, or the exciseman. And not only conscience, but short cash, after three bad harvests, constrained them.

Thus in the depth of winter we were constrained to make our abode in houses wherein none dwell except in the heat of summer. Neither My family, nor those who accompanied Me, had the necessary raiment to protect them from the cold in that freezing weather. 76 Would that thy ministers had dealt with Us according to the principles they uphold amongst themselves!

They have their quarters in Horseneck, and some troops are north of that place. Thus, notwithstanding my endeavours, the country will be unprotected, and I am insecure. I enclose you the arrest of a Captain Brown. I am sorry for the necessity of any thing which may have the appearance of severity; but the avowal of behaviour so very unbecoming constrained me to it.

If you led a harmful life for gain, and kept others out of their rights by deceit, to get the more for yourself, I dare say you repent you would like to go back, and can't: that must be a bitter thing" Caleb paused a moment and shook his head "it is not for me to make your life harder to you." "But you do you do make it harder to me," said Bulstrode constrained into a genuine, pleading cry.

As for the Fairy Queen, he looked from the picture to its original, and felt constrained to admit that, wondrously beautiful as he had thought its likeness on canvas, the face before him was infinitely superior to the painter's fairest and most cherished work. Dick went away of course almost immediately, though sorely against his will.

His way of speaking was not wholly natural; like his attitude, it had something constrained; he seemed to be discharging a duty. 'Observe the selfishness of youth, remarked Mr. Athel. 'Age, I dare say, has its selfishness too in the present instance, was Mrs. Rossall's rejoinder. 'To whom does that refer? questioned her brother, jocosely. Beatrice turned her head suddenly towards Emily.

How much did you lose?" she proceeded to ask Chia Huan; and Chia Huan, upon hearing this question, felt constrained to obey, by saying something in the way of a reply. "I've lost," he explained, "some hundred or two hundred cash."

I went on alone, and sat outside for some time, until old Nuflo returned from his hunting; and only after he had gone in and had made the fire burn up did Rima make her appearance, silent and constrained as ever.

Hard reading had never been congenial, and took a great deal out of him, and in fact, all his theological study had hitherto been little more than task-work, into which he had never fully entered, whereas these subjects had now assumed such a force, depth, and importance, that he did in truth feel constrained to go to the very foundation, and work through everything again, moved and affected by them in every fibre of his soul, which vibrated now at what it had merely acquiesced in before.

He was surprised by Iphicrates, and was slain, and the Athenians, under this gallant leader, again became masters of the Hellespont. But this success was balanced by the defection of Ægina, which island was constrained by the Lacedæmonians into war with Athens.

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