"As you will, Ralph; but I tell you, and through you I tell Him who made me, that it is a crime which I shall dare if need be. Have no fear, Ralph, as I leave your arms, so shall I return to them, whether it be in Heaven or upon earth. That man thinks he has power over me, but I say that he has none, seeing that at the last God will protect me with His hand, or with my own."

I'm not crying, and 'tis a deal worse for me; but there ain't no time for tears, they only weaken and do no good, and I has a deal to say. Don't you dare shed a tear now, Cecile; I can't a-bear the sight of tears; you may cry by and by, but now you has got to listen to me." "I won't cry," said Cecile; she made a great effort set her lips firm, and looked hard at her stepmother.

"The best. Except the copy I have, this map is the only one in existence. Only four men saw the gold hidden. Two of them were killed by the others within the hour. The third was murdered by his companion some weeks later. The fourth but it is a long story. I must not weary you with it." "Weary me," I cried, and I dare swear my eyes were shining. But there I pulled myself up. "You're right.

Is M'Guire gone, or was it you that whistled? 'M'Guire is gone, said Challoner. The guide now struck a light. 'Ah, said he, 'this will never do. You dare not go upon the streets in such a figure. Wait quietly here and I will bring you something decent.

Audley Egerton was leaning back on the sofa, and the doctor, on his knees before him, was applying the stethoscope to his breast. Egerton's eyes were partially closed as the door opened. But at the noise he sprang up, nearly oversetting the doctor. "Who's that? How dare you?" he exclaimed, in a voice of great anger.

"We must remember that she's a girl, my dear," Miss S. observed to Mrs Trumbler. "She must know about it," Mrs Trumbler suggested. "But I dare say you're right, Miss Swinkerton." "If such a thing had happened in my family, I should consider myself personally affronted by any reference to the persons concerned."

Man hath given thee the absolution accorded to the true and faithful penitent, for such thou art; yet scarcely dare we hope offended heaven is appeased. Justice will visit thee with trouble sore, oppressing, grievous trouble.

You do it, and you never dare to say a word or dare to make a sign concerning your having seen such a person as me, or any person sumever, and you shall be let to live. You fail, or you go from my words in any partickler, no matter how small it is, and your heart and your liver shall be tore out, roasted, and ate. Now, I ain't alone, as you may think I am.

There is a very notable example of a simple coral reef about the island of Mauritius, which I dare say you all know, lies in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

I dare say any man would have his feelin's when it got to be life or death, ag'in another human mortal; but there would be no such scruples in regard to an Injin; nothing but the chance of his hitting you, or the chance of your hitting him." "I look upon the redmen to be quite as human as we are ourselves, Hurry.