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He urged me to "stop all troops till your army is partially supplied with wagons, and then act as quick as possible; for this road will be jammed, as sure as life." To this I replied: "I do not calculate upon the possibility of supplying the army with full rations from Grand Gulf. I know it will be impossible without constructing additional roads.

The two most lofty are found in the Guatemala range that of Fuego being upwards of 12,000 feet in height, and that of Agua, 18,000 feet. Many parts of the interior of the country have been but very partially explored, and are, indeed, almost unknown. Of the purely native tribes, most of them have become mingled with Spaniards or negroes.

"But I am really studying medicine; it is to be my profession," persisted Nan fearlessly, though she was sorry that she had spoiled the harmony of the little company. "And my whole heart is in it, Aunt Nancy." "Nonsense, my dear," returned Miss Prince, who had recovered her self-possession partially.

The larger, western, ring is about 10 miles in diameter, and the other about half this size. There is a gap in the W. wall of the first, and a long spur projecting from its S. side; and a minute crater on the S. border of the smaller object. Torricelli is partially enclosed on the S. by a circular arrangement of ridges.

Mother Hewitt then blew out the candle, and groping her way to the door of the cellar that opened on the street, went out, shutting down the heavy door behind her, and leaving the child alone in that dark and noisome den alone in its foul and wet garments, but, thanks to kindly drugs, only partially conscious of its misery. Mother Hewitt's first visit was to the nearest dram-shop.

When I look at it in one way, it strikes me as absolutely miraculous; in another, it came like an event that I had all along expected. It was due to his wonderful tact, which is of so subtle a character that he himself is but partially sensible of it.

Some of the canoes I speak of had outriggers; but others, used apparently only for the smooth water of the harbour, consisted merely of four trunks of some light wood, partially hollowed out by fire, and lashed tightly together. Two men sat in them, one in the bows and the other astern, who used long pointed paddles like the heads of spears.

We cannot say that it did not exist at all till it was discovered, that it exists only partially and vaguely to most of us, that to many it still does not exist at all, that there are few to whom it even exists in any force or fullness and none who can realise more than the broad facts of its existence.

"As soon as the smoke was partially cleared away, Captain Castle got spare sails and blankets aft to stop the leak, passing two hawsers round the stern, and setting them up. The troops were employed baling and pumping. This continued during the whole morning. "In the course of the day the ladies joined the ship. The boats were ordered alongside, but they found the sea too heavy to remain there.

The first aspect of the town was very striking, with a vista into its street through the open gateway, and high above it an old, gray, square-built castle, with three towers visible at the angles, one of them battlemented, one taller than the rest, and one partially ruined.