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"You ask me too much," replied Nancy, taking another deep draught from the pitcher. "Help yourself, Ettie; there's plenty more where that came from. Flossy never liked the boy, and always wanted to get rid of him, but couldn't afford to. He's a dreadful queer, old-fashioned little kid, and so smart that he's gettin' to be a reg'lar nuisance round the house.

By the dim light of the jack-o'-lantern grinning in the window, he found the catch of the door, and the two children burst out of the closet. Seizing a bucket of water which stood by the hand-basin in the corner, Dan dashed out of doors, followed by Nancy, whose fear of Indians was now overmastered by fear of fire. If their beautiful new house should be burned!

Christian will stand godfather, parzon; and Nancy and Grannie will be godmothers." Nancy took the child out of Kate's arms, and the service for private baptism began with the tremendous words, "Dearly beloved, forasmuch as all men are conceived and born in si " The parson stopped. Kate had staggered and almost fallen. Pete put his arm around her to keep her up, and then the service went on.

And as Judith ran across to her own house, she felt a warm glow of gratitude that Miss Meredith had chosen Nancy to be her "pilot" during those first difficult days. Cries of welcome greeted her in the corridor. "Hi, there, Judibus! Had a good time?" "Sally May was looking for you, Judy." "Good old Scrooge!"

Instead of arguments for confession, he could now feel the presence of nothing but its evil consequences: the old dread of disgrace came back the old shrinking from the thought of raising a hopeless barrier between himself and Nancy the old disposition to rely on chances which might be favourable to him, and save him from betrayal.

Of course all of us realized that Robert would enter the bonds of matrimony again; none of us would have objected, even if he remarried soon; but all of us do object to his marrying a woman who would have broken Nancy Ellen's heart if she could; and yesterday I took advantage of my illness, and TOLD him so.

The money had been invested in a cargo of flour and corn meal which had been shipped to Jamaica by the bark Nancy Lee. The Nancy Lee had been captured by the pirates off Currituck Sound, the crew set adrift in the longboat, and the bark herself and all her cargo burned to the water's edge.

"Help yourself," repeated the boy. "But pickin' 'tater bugs wouldn't be as bad as that, to my mind." "'Every one to his fancy, And me to my Nancy. as the old woman said when she kissed her cow," quoted Janice, laughing. "You can have the bugs, Marty." "Somebody'll have to git 'em, pretty soon, or the bugs'll have the 'taters," declared her cousin.

"I haven't congratulated you yet, Hugh," she said suddenly, "now that you are a partner of Mr. Watling's. I hear on all sides that you are on the high road to a great success." "Of course I'm glad to be in the firm," I admitted. It was a new tack for Nancy, rather a disquieting one, this discussion of my affairs, which she had so long avoided or ignored.

The man turned away as a black-clothed figure emerged from the trees, and came to a stand at the brink of the ravine some hundred and more yards to the east of them. Nancy, too, beheld the lonely figure and she, too, became interested in its movements. The lumber boss laughed shortly, roughly, and raised an arm, pointing as he turned a grinning face to the girl. "See him, there?" he cried.