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Who could fail to be warmed by her? Now the room is warm once more. Hanne is like a blazing meteor that kindles all as it circles round; where she glides past the fire springs up and the blood runs warmly in the veins. They overturn the chairs in their eagerness to dance with her. "Hi, steward! Five kroner on my watch only be quick!" "Ach, Hanne, a dance with me!"

He drew the tiny creature to him and softly pressed a kiss upon her perfectly clean forehead. "You vould not want to leave her, M'riar?" "Hi'd die, Hi would," sobbed M'riar. Herr Kreutzer held her head back and smiled into her eyes with a good smile which made her very happy. "Ach, liebling, do not worry." "W'y wouldn't yer go with the toff and pl'y in ther big horchestra?" she made bold to ask.

Louis; but in that case they were generally, as Frank afterwards learned, towed up the whole distance. "Hi! Pete, shove that plank ashore," Hiram shouted, and a negro at once showed his head above a scuttle in the bow of the boat, and then emerging, pushed a plank across the fifteen feet of water which intervened between the flat and the wharf. "That's your first lesson, young man," Hiram said.

Once he was asked: "About how old might this tortoise be?" He answered: "When Fu Hi first invented fish-nets and eel-pots he caught this tortoise and gave it to me. And since then I have worn its shield quite flat sitting on it. The creature dreads the radiance of the sun and moon, so it only sticks its head out of its shell once in two thousand years.

His duty that day consisted in digging up a piece of waste ground. To relieve his mind, he set to work with tremendous energy, insomuch that Peter the Great, who was looking on, exclaimed "Hi! what a digger you is! You'll bust up altogidder if you goes on like dat. De moles is nuffin' to you." But Foster heeded not.

Now M. Bayle declares, in his posthumous Reply to M. le Clerc, that he does not claim that there are demonstrations contrary to the truths of faith: and as a result all these insuperable difficulties, these so-called wars between reason and faith, vanish away. Hi motus animorum atque haec discrimina tanta, Pulveris exigui jactu compressa quiescunt.

And so we sailed on, and on, without a thought of danger until, of a sudden, I felt the schooner jar throughout her whole length. Captain Tugg jumped and yelled to Pedro: "What in tarnation you doin', numbskull? Hi, one o' you boys! git into the chains with the lead."

"Tell the constable, Hi," cried Sister, angrily. "That would make trouble for his folks. Maybe they don't know just how mean Pete is. A good thrashing and the threat of another every time he did anything mean would do him lots more good." This wasn't nice Sunday work, but it was too far to carry water from the house to the horse trough, so Hiram had to repair the pump.

Here was solid, dry rock beneath them, walls of rock on either side, and a narrow strip of star-strewn sky above. "Thank God!" Ridgar was saying, under his breath, "the distance widens!" But no sooner were the words out of his mouth than a cold chill shot through him, and Maren pushed forward with compelling hands on De Courtrnay's shoulders. "Hurry, M'sieu!" she cried; "they have awakened!" "Hi!

"There's a hole in the underpinning over yonder," said the culprit. "Come on, then; we'll get out that way. Can you walk?" "Oh oh yes," choked Amy. She proved this by immediately starting out of the cellar. Ruth lit the way with the lantern. "Hi!" shouted Curly Smith, "where are you going with that light?" "Come back to the door," commanded Ruth's muffled voice in the cellar.